LNP Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as the LNP request is submitted to QuestBlue, an LOA (Letter of Authorization) and LSR (Local Service Request) are generated and sent to a National Third Party that facilitates porting between carriers. The third part will then send the LSR to the current carrier of the number, which we refer to as the "losing carrier." The losing carrier will check the account information with their Customer Service Record (CSR), and if everything matches, an FOC date will be set. The FOC is a "Firm Order Confirmation" and this is the date that the losing carrier has agreed to release the number to QuestBlue. Once the losing carrier releases the number on the FOC date, the process will be complete.

Here is the information required by QuestBlue to submit a port request:

  • Number to port
  • Voice or vFax (Virtual Fax)
  • Partial Port or Full
  • If partial, what DIDs/services will remain disconnected after the port
  • Business or Residential
  • Is it a wireless number
  • If it is, the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number and PIN are required
  • Service Provider Name
  • Account Number
  • Authorized Contact
  • Title (Employee, CEO, etc.)
  • Company Name
  • Service Address (Cannot be a P.O. Box)
  • Billing Telephone Number
  • Copy of the bill dated within the past 30 days

A Full Port is when you will be porting all the numbers from your current provider. A Partial Port would be when there are numbers or services left on the account with the current provider. For exapmle, if you have internet, TV, or other services, Partial Port will need to be selected and you will need to specify what will happen to the other services once the port is complete.

Here are the steps to submit the LNP request:

  1. Log into the Customer User Portal
  2. Go to "Order" at the top of the screen
  3. Click on "Local Number Portability"
  4. Click the green "LNP Request" button
  5. Enter the number(s) you wish to port in the box and click "Check Portability"
  6. If the numbers pass the Validation Check, please fill out the LNP form and attach a copy of the most recent bill
    • If the numbers say they cannot be submitted on the same order, please edit the number box to include only one set of numbers
  7. Click "Send Request" when done
  8. A pop-up screen will appear with the LOA information. Once you select "I Agree," the LOA will be generated and the port submission is now complete.

If there are 25 or more numbers on the same CSR that you wish to port, we can submit them as a project port for reduced porting prices. Sometimes we can even port a project for free. To submit a project port, input the account information required to port in a spreadsheet along with all of the numbers, one per line with no dashes. Please attach the spreadsheet along with a copy of the bill in a support ticket with the category “Local Number Portability” “Project Port Request”. Once we have this information, we will generate a quote for you and the Project Port can be submitted at any time.

The timeframe is generally 3-10 business days for the port to complete if there are not any rejections from the losing carrier. If the request is rejected by the losing carrier, the timeline will start over again once the correct information is submitted. The timeframe can be longer depending on the complexity of the port and the specific losing carrier. Project Ports have a longer timeframe for completion, usually 2-4 weeks. At QuestBlue, we are proactive in getting ports completed as quickly as possible.

CSR stands for Customer Service Record. The CSR is the account information that is on file with the current carrier. When the port request is made, the information that was submitted to QuestBlue will be compared to the losing carrier's CSR. If the information matches, the carrier will provide an FOC date.

A CSR and a bill are not the same. A lot of times the bill will show the same account informaiton as a CSR, but not always. It is important to submit the CSR information from the losing carrier to avoid any rejections.

A rejection happens when the account information for the port request does not match the CSR. The losing carrier then "rejects" the port request. The customer will then need to get the correct CSR information to continue with the port. Once the correct CSR information is submitted, the process starts over again. Some of the most common rejections are incorrect service address, incorrect authorized contact, and incorrect BTN (Billing Telephone Number).

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