What is it and why is it important?

Studies show in the most recent reports that approximately 28% of users have never used 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).  Most users state that it is an inconvenience and privacy concerns associated with 2FA and did not see any value in the security measure.

The research also mentioned that a lack of information was the primary cause of the low adoption numbers.  64% of the respondents agreed that have not heard of it and that is why they were not using it while others stated they were not offered it.

Overall the study concludes that it is mostly a misunderstood and underappreciated security tool.  QuestBlue is looking to help our users not only understand it better but also opt in to use it as they gain a better understanding of it.  Not adopting the measure could be dangerous and should be considered the dead bolt of the front door to your account.

QuestBlue has created a way to allow our users to adopt it by contacting our support team, opening a ticket and requesting it or simply calling in and discussing it with a customer service representative.  It only takes a minute to activate and begin using.  +1-919-443-1617

Will I be forced to use 2FA if I don’t want to?  No, it is an added security tool not a requirement.

Can I try it and turn it off if I don’t like it?  Yes, this is an optional security measure for your account and you are not required to use it.  However, we do recommend it.

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