SIP Trunk Peer details options


The very first step to creating your trunk in your PBX is to create your SIP Trunk in your user portal.  A SIP trunk can be created in seconds with the IP whitelisted and ready to go with the click of a mouse.


SIP Trunk Peer details are an integral part of your SIP communications. In many cases Peer details will differ from device to device.  One of the more popular questions that comes up is the Asterisk SIP peer details and how to configure it in FreePBX and in Asterisk sip.conf

Let’s break down a few settings and what they are used for.

General Settings:  You can name this a friendly name.  For example Trunk Name =

Dialed Number Manipulation Rules

1+NXXNXXXXXX                  If you dial without the 1, it will append it.

1NXXNXXXXXX                    If you dial with the 1, there is nothing to append and it will send the call as is.

1603NXXXXXX                      This is an example if you live in area code 603 and only dial 7 digits.  It will append the 1603 to the NXXXXXX and produce the 11 digits needed to make your call to QuestBlue while only having to dial 7 digits.

For more clarification N is any digit from 2-9 where X is any digit from 0-9

SIP Trunk Peer Details

type = peer

host =

fromdomain =

insecure = invite,port

context = from-trunk

qualify = yes

dtmfmode = rfc2833

nat = (based on your installation) yes or no.  Is your PBX on a private IP? = Yes

session-timers = refuse


If you are working in Asterisk directly in a configure file it may look like this:

In sip.conf



In extensions.conf

; Make sure to include inbound prior to outbound because the _NXXNXXXXXX handler will match the incoming call and create a loop
include => questblue-inbound
include => questblue-outbound

exten => 5553334444,1,Answer() ;your DID                            5553334444 Being your DID






exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=)



Additional SIP Trunk Peer Details are available for the following PBX deployments



Fusion PBX


Grandstream UCM

Vodia PBX & Multi Tenant PBX


Download the full PDF from how to install FreePBX from an ISO all the way to making your first SIP Call with one of the popular PBXs available today.  FreePBX Trunk Configuration is simple easy to follow steps.

There are additional PDFs covering the installation of Vodia PBX along with trunk configurations located here.

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