APIs, How do they work with QuestBlue?

QuestBlue offers our RESTful API v2.o along with our legacy support for our original SOAP API.

QuestBlue will provide an access key for your API application that is required to communicate with our RESTful API server that is listening for your requests.  You need to obtain your KEY in your Customer User Portal.

QuestBlue’s new RESTful API v.2 provides even more powerful tools than ever before. While providing highly optimized functionality, we focus on delivering the best capabilities with the largest possible solutions to fit your needs.
SSL security technology protects your private data in transmission.

To learn more about our RESTful API, you can check documentation in your customer portal.  If you would like to understand more about our API and sample code you can also view the samples publicly in our DOCs and sample API website.

The QuestBlue API is a great way for you to access and perform critical functions within your own application or website.

To get started, visit our downloads page and grab the SDK for the language you will be using. Downloads

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Need a quick recap?

  • QuestBlue’s new REST API provides even more powerful tools with highly optimized functionality, for the best fit to the widest possible range of your needs.
  • SSL security technology protects your private data in transmission.
  • Two levels of authorization provides a highly secure data exchange with your application.
  • Optional JSON or XML data exchange format conveniently allows you to use the format you love to work with.
  • Intuitive API interface lets you easily and quickly build your own VoIP services.

Setting up your QuestBlue Account

1. Head over to our registration page and complete the registration process

2. Once registration is complete login to your customer dashboard User Portal

3. Navigate to Services->Programmers API

4. Under API access put in the IP of the server you will be making API calls from