If you have done some research on VoIP, Hosted Cloud, On Premises or any other version of the modern voice platform you may have a lot of questions.  That’s great because we love answering questions about deploying to the cloud, on premises or otherwise.  You have come to the right place. Lets start by breaking down some of the pricing and build out options.

Costs are typically the first place people begin their journey and although that is important it should only be a portion of the decision making.  Typically in our program we have seen ranges from 40% to 85% depending on the current voice vendors you may be using and the type of transport.  Delivering voice over PRI, or T1 lines can be rather pricy.  Not to mention, some business owners are still ordering copper PSTN services which rates about the highest in the cost factors.  If you fall into these categories it is time to switch your business phone systems deployment to a modern fully functioning SIP Trunking service because it is more than cost you should be watching out for.

Features are sometimes overlooked when deciding on a new business phone system.  Features usually come in second to the conversation after reviewing price.  The features of a modern VoIP business phone system are nearly endless.  If you are using QuestBlue for hosted business phone systems then we can add specific features that you may have the requirement for and deploy it across our entire cloud.  What does this mean?  It means, that as many customers have new requirements, we build out the features so that everyone can benefit from the request.  This allows us to continue to offer more services upon request without charging the customer for a special feature.  Note, this is available in our hosted business phone systems offering only.  If you are hosing your own premise based system our SIP Trunks are 100% fully featured.  That means, if you need any specific configuration on your on premise PBX we will support it.  We only become the transport at this point allowing you to fully customize your side of the solution.

Messaging has now become the most important question that many forget to ask about when searching for a hosted business phone systems provider.  You should make sure that you have messaging covered.  At QuestBlue we worked diligently to provide a well rounded messaging platform for your business phone system.  All DIDs on the QuestBlue platform SIP Trunk Services support sms/mms and we have included a iPhone and Android app to help you support your clients and end users.  This app is in WeText.pro so it is a white label messaging app that is free to download from the app stores. 


Registering for service has never been easier.  Register today and begin sending and receiving calls in minutes.  Need the hosted Business Phone System?  You can order that in real-time and register phones to it in minutes.  Any questions?  Call 1-877-686-4787

    Setting up your QuestBlue Account

    1. Head over to our registration page and complete the registration process

    2. Once registration is complete login to your customer dashboard User Portal

    3. Navigate to Services->Programmers API

    4. Under API access put in the IP of the server you will be making API calls from