Cloud SIP Services

More than just a hosted PBX.  See why our award winning customer user portal makes it possible to accelerate your business with easy to use, fast to deploy and remarkably best in class customer support.

Because QuestBlue has become one of the nations top interconnected VoIP providers you will no longer have to navigate multiple user portals or vendors for different products and services.  You will have an all in one single sign-on Cloud SIP Services Platform. 

How easy is it to get started?

Easy, there is a two step verification process to authenticate you and help protect you. Here is a 4 minute video on the full process.

Step 1:  Registering for an account

                In Step 1 QuestBlue will be making a small, random charge to the credit card you used to begin.

Step 2:  Navigate to your credit card companies website and verify the charge from QuestBlue.

                This will be located in your pending transactions in the form of US currency.

                Return to your QuestBlue user portal and enter this amount in the Step 2 Verification

You now have an active account with QuestBlue and can begin making calls immediately but first things first.

Easily create your SIP Trunk in the portal.  Test an outbound call to be sure everything is in order.  Next, you will want to order a DID / Phone Number to test inbound calling.

Add additional services like SMS/MMS messaging, Faxing, and many more in just a few clicks and keyboard strokes you will be a VoIP Service Provider for your end users.  The fastest way to get your cloud SIP Services up and running is with the QuestBlue Accelerate Portal. 


No Contract Required!