What does a SIP Trunking Service Providers do?

A SIP Trunking provider powers your organization to use VoIP to connect a PBX or Softswitch to the Public Switched Telephone Network otherwise know as ‘The PSTN’.  Depending on your needs and requirements there are options that you can make available.  You can simply provide SIP Trunking Services to an existing PBX at the customers location or you can offer a robust and reliable cloud hosted PBX solution from a wholesale provider.  In a way, a SIP Trunking Service Provider acts similar to Air Traffic Control.  ATC has all the tail numbers of the aircrafts in motion and where they need to go or want to go.  The process with SIP Trunking Service is similar, you become the ATC of SIP Telephone Service with the routing and logic of your customers phone numbers.  When providing SIP Service to your customers you are offering them the following:

SIP Trunking Service which is the connectivity conduit for the telephone calls.  Originating and Terminating the calls in real-time.

DIDs Direct Inward Dial Telephone Numbers.  This is the core of your routing.  When a call is received that is destined for your customer’s IP PBX QuestBlue will locate the route that you assigned in your portal and deliver the call to that IP Address where the IP PBX will receive the call.  This is commonly referred to as Origination, VoIP Inbound Services, Phone Number Routing and many other terms that essentially deliver phone calls inbound.

IP PBX regardless of on premises PBX or Hosted VoIP in a wholesale program this is an important factor in offering your SIP Service as a Provider.  

— Endpoints are the telephones that will connect to the IP PBX.  Again, this will either already be setup and configured in most cases for on premises PBXs or Cloud Hosted in which case you will offer to your end users the choice of IP telephones.  some options for IP Telephones include but not limited to: Yealink, Grandstream, SNOM, Polycom, Aastra, basically any open standards SIP compatible phone.  


Now that you know what a SIP Trunking Service Provider does, what is next?

Billing and Invoicing is the number one item you may already have with your existing managed service company or you are starting from scratch.  Either way it is important that from DAY 1, billing is accurate and timely.  Having your billing and accounting in order from the start will help you begin tracking expenses like your company registration at your secretary of state website.  This is your second expense after ordering your online QuickBooks online.

Lets assume you are starting from the beginning and are looking to offer SIP Trunking Services to build a recurring revenue business model.  If you don’t have any programming experience and don’t want to spend months searching UpWork for a programmer then you should immediately start with the minimum of QuickBooks Online.  Nothing to install, quick and easy invoicing and email billing with CLICK to pay links for your customers.  This will ensure you have your revenue stream in order.  Also QuickBooks will provide a way to stay organized.  Avoid the pitfalls of free software to keep your new company running.  

Now that we have the background of the SIP Trunking Service and billing out of the way, we can move on to making sure you don’t choose a bad provider for your new company.  A bad provider can anchor you to delivering poor quality service and very little support and typically higher pricing for the inferior product.  

 There are some expansive differences in providers and you should choose carefully.

— Avoid Contracts!  now more than ever, don’t sign a contract just to attempt to get better rates.  You should be able to build your business and address lower rates over time.  This allows you to build your company with no strings attached.  At QuestBlue we never ask you to sign a contract to enter the wholesale pricing program.  

 — Features are important if you are going to offer Cloud Hosted PBX services.  It is very important choose a provider that allows you access to all the features without being up-sold.  Make sure you have the ability to sell all the products and services without additional strings attached like Per Seat pricing, add on modules, and many more.  It should all work out of the box for you to offer it to your end users.

— All services that you will be required or optionally make available should be with the wholesale provider 

          Caller ID


          Email to Fax

          Fax to Email

          Enhanced 911 (e911)

          Voicemail to email transcription

          Call Forwarding

          Texting sms/mms APPs and Web Access

          Auto Attendant / IVR and all PBX features

          Ability to order numbers and real-time activation of new telephone number

          Free Porting, LNP services to port numbers from another provider should not have a fee.

          Toll Free Calling

          Operator Panels


          This is a partial list of features, for additional FAQs visit the Cloud Hosted PBX page.


When you are offering SIP Trunking Services only to a customer provided PBX the features will change according to the PBX vendor on site.  However, most importantly is making sure your wholesale user portal allows you to order and provision all telecom related features in real-time from the click of a button as the QuestBlue Accelerate offers.

 Customer support

Customer support is something that you can never undervalue.  QuestBlue maintains a 5 Star Rating in Customer Satisfaction and Quality.  Never will you care how much we know until you know how much we care.  That being said, there are always situations where you stumble in the beginning.  That is ok, we are here for you.  If you stumble we will help pick you up and help you get moving in the right direction.  

Nearly eight out of 10 IT Professionals and installers believe that the quality of support is the most critical step in selecting a SIP Provider.  Before dialing in and pressing the sales option, try calling in and pressing the support option.  Why? Because if you don’t reach a human in support before you are a customer it is likely you will not reach one when you need to.  Of course a technical ticket may be required to continue to support a question you have but ultimately you will want to ensure you reach a team of qualified professionals.  Make sure there are support documents if you decide to use your own PBX or Softswitch.  Ask if they offer Remote Sessions to assist with a configuration.  Make sure you don’t have to pay for support when you need it.  Make sure if you talk to the sales team that they are cross trained in support issue so you get straight answers the first time you talk about your support issue.  Support can be like insurance.  You hope you don’t need it, but when you do you want to make sure they are there for you.

 In the end, not all SIP Trunking Providers are created equal.  QuestBlue is a leading provider of affordable, high quality telecommunication services.  We frequently attend global trade shows to meet our clients around the world.  To see where we will be next check our our events listings.  Events are limited during the global lockdown due to Covid-19.  


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