The Importance of Testing 911


Research shows that only about 66% of organizations test their 911 with any regularity.  

Testing varies in frequencies from 2-4 times per year on up to 4 time per day during shift changes.  46.1% rely on internal staff to perform testing, 49.8% use a third party like an (MSP, or consulting organization).  Sounds good until you think about the other third of the locations not having any regular testing in place.  It is important to be sure your e911 is setup properly for when the emergency 911 is needed and not “IF” 911 is needed.   There are also may other considerations to be aware of.  For example, RAY BAUM’s Act requiring a location to be able to be dispatched to for VoIP 911 calls, and testing 911 can ensure accurate address information is provided for each endpoint.  With the amount of change/moves that take place in organizations it should be considered compulsory.  

How to test?

Before any tests are performed it is important to be sure you have provisioned your e911 address in your customer user portal / DIDSHow to test is quite simple. There are many stories out there surrounding people actually calling 911 to perform test calls.  That should be avoided at all costs.  At QuestBlue we have provided a way for you to test without clogging up emergency 911 dispatchers lines and still verify your address information.  Live 911 testing is part of the culture here at QuestBlue and we highly encourage you to perform your testing from day one of your installation.  QuestBlue has provisioned your trunks to support 933 dialing.  What is 933? 933 is an automated announcement that will perform a read back of your Caller ID and report back to you the registered address on file with the 911 center.  If no address is on file we will reply with “no 911 address is provisioned” allowing you to correct this before the requirement to call 911 in the event of an emergency.  The 933 calls are not routed to the public safety PSAP so there is no disruption of normal 911 operations.  As you can see 933 will help you test while removing the burden of coordinating with public safety.  

How often to Test 911

In recent research, the frequency of testing varied, from four time per year to four time per day. QuestBlue recommends that the immediate testing with 933 is performed upon activating a new trunk for a specific location.  


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