How do I know which SIP Services is the best to choose from?


When researching for a quality SIP Service Provider there are many considerations that are crucial to your Business. Out of many different Phone Systems there are many offers and different benefits such as Product and Services. In order to know what comes with each Phone System Provider, you must compare the most Important Considerations to know which SIP Service is best for you.



I am sure we have all been where our calls have been interrupted with bad delays or even hearing some echoing through the phone. Reliability of your provider is extremely important when it comes to businesses running calls daily and you need that top notch quality to ensure the services operate as smoothly as possible. One very important factor that plays a big role is bandwidth. Making sure that you have the highest quality of Connection is something to definitely consider. Think of it this way, the stronger the connection and data that is being transferred, the better quality you will receive.

Customer Service

It is Important to have someone available when you need assistance with any questions that you may need to ask during business hours or when you need a technical representative on a weekend at a time that you may assume someone will not be available.  Believe it or not, it happens, and it is completely normal. When looking to compare SIP Service Providers you want to be certain there are different resources (Tickets, Phone, Email) to assistant you in any way they can. Make a test call to see if a real person comes to the phone in a timely manner.

Pricing / Plans

There are multiple ways a SIP Service can be sold. Reasonable pricing is crucial when considering buying a SIP Trunk as it is a relevant factor. With business calls, they are a daily use product, it is important to think of an affordable SIP Service provider that has great service that would match with the quality to what you are paying for. Depending on what the customer’s amount of minutes they will be using, comparing the cost value to what the Provider can offer is crucial. A great feature with a SIP Provider would include no contracts which is a great way to try out a provider with the service and plans they have to offer. Fortunately, you have many different Tier options to choose from with such great low-cost options is a great start! What is even better is that you do not have to sign a long contract that will not have you “locked”. Luckily with QuestBlue there is no contract needed when you sign up! Wondering what our portal looks like? Check out our video!

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