Top way to improve the quality of VoIP in your installation.

There are some instances where you may not have anything wrong with your installation which is why we want to start here, the PROVIDER.  It is important to choose a provider that will not proxy your audio.  Why send the full audio of the call back and forth to the provider when you can easily communicate directly with the endpoint in the conversation.  At QuestBlue we will not proxy your audio to help ensure the highest quality of calls on your SIP Trunks.

Moving on to areas to improve

Using a VoIP Optimized Router plays a key role in the quality of voice calls.  If you do not start with quality equipment you will likely experience low quality voice calls.  Using a VoIP Optimized Router will allow you or your technician the ability to set QoS.  If the router is properly configured for VoIP Traffic you will be on your way to long term enjoyment of using VoIP in your organization.  This also includes installations where you use a hosted solution instead of an on premises PBX for your deployment.  

If you are using a headset instead of a wired IP Telephone be sure you are using the highest quality headset you can afford.  This will make a difference.  Think of it this way.  What if you favorite recording artist used a $5 headset to record their album.  It might not sound that great.  Good choices in hardware will result in good overall call quality.  If you are using an IP phone on your desk, be sure to have a GigE connection.  Avoid low cost IP Phones that don’t stack up will with demanding data on the network.  

Verify that your network has the bandwidth available to be able to sustain a high quality voice telephone call.  In todays high bandwidth society it is important to size your ISP connection accordingly.  Remember that when choosing your ISP it is not just the advertised download speed that matters.  Many times ISPs will advertise a whopping 300 Mbps or 1 GIG connection only to find out for the upload speed is limited to 10 Mbps and that is ultimately going to play a roll in your quality.  Listening to the inbound call is no problem for you but whey you speak the upload speed is not enough and the other person on the call with complain that you are choppy and they cannot understand you.  Bandwidth is king in VoIP.  Size it correctly to be sure you have a high quality voice network.

In some offices it may be important to monitor your users.  Many times in this modern world of BYOD – Bring your own Device to work can consume 1/2 the available bandwidth before any real work has been done.  It can save companies money up front but could cost you heavily when you need to scale the bandwidth to accommodate everyone.  What is the issue?  Streaming Netflix at work, FaceTime, video messaging, uploading photos, the list is endless.  Make sure no one is abusing the network.  Install monitoring or have a local IT company help you with this.   

Stick to standards when it comes to your VoIP applications.  Keeping with standards can clean up your installation of IP phones and soft phone apps. When you have reduced the number of choices in the installation you will be able to simplify the deployment and maximize the quality but getting all the setting in order the first time.  Having too many IP Equipment Types in the network will make supporting the users more difficult and the settings to be different in every device.  

When to hire an expert.  You should hire a local expert that can evaluate your installation and provide you with a factual breakdown of where you are coming up short and where you have done a great job.  Hiring the exert will allow you to focus on your company and not the finite details of a VoIP network.


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