Number porting is a very important asset that businesses need to remain flexible, especially during the pandemic. For a business that is looking to change providers or switch to VoIP, they will need an efficient porting team by their side to accomplish their goals.

At QuestBlue, we are constantly doing what we can to make the porting process as stress-free as possible for our customers. Our highly skilled and dedicated porting team provides exceptional services by fulfilling any port orders customers send our way. Our team strives to help create a seamless transition every step of the way during the port journey. Below, you will find a few of the most effective practices to guarantee a successful and hassle-free porting process.


Prepare in Advance

Before diving head first into the porting process, it is always important to be aware of any setbacks so you can know what to do to prevent them. Make sure to gather as much information as possible and plan ahead of time. You can do this by contacting the existing and new service provider to gain crucial information.

The losing service provider (LSP) must release the phone number and other details for the porting process to be successful. The most helpful information a customer can obtain from the LSP is the CSR (Customer Service Record). Establishing a clear line of communication with all parties involved will help to prevent rejections or other roadblocks.

The QuestBlue porting team is always in communication with the LSP to secure more accurate information and ensure that any issues that arise are resolved in a timely manner. Therefore, confirming your transition to QuestBlue is as smooth as possible.


Take Advantage of Our Support Team

Another key element for a successful porting journey is knowing what our support team can help you accomplish. The QuestBlue porting team can handle a wide variety of tasks not always pertaining to port orders or number porting in general. For example, if a customer cannot find a particular phone number in our inventory, our team can make every effort to track down any special requests they may have (i.e., specific area code or exchange, vanity number, number blocks, etc.)


Completing the Process

As your port orders near completion, our team will be monitoring when your numbers officially switch over and will verify that calls are routing through QuestBlue. Once the number is in our system, it will be added to your customer account where you can update additional phone number features (i.e., CNAM, LIDB, E911, Directory Listing, etc.)

As soon as the number is routed to a SIP Trunk in your customer account, it will be ready to use right away!

Porting numbers can be an excruciating task to complete without the right porting team assisting you throughout the process. QuestBlue is committed to providing quick and efficient customer service to all clients transitioning over to us. We make the process easier for you by providing real-time updates to all parties; ultimately making the porting journey successful without any headaches along the way. As we continue to expand our domestic and international coverage, we look forward to continuing to help our customers port numbers and grow their business.


Make the switch to QuestBlue today for the easiest porting journey in the industry!