Registration Verification Process

QuestBlue ID Verification ProcessWe are now using Vouched to streamline our registration process & help make it more secure!

QuestBlue is committed to delivering high-performing products and solutions to brands of all sizes & protecting your brand against identity fraud. Corporate employees and enterprise clients can follow the options in the Q&A on the right.

What is the QuestBlue & Vouched Registration Process?

Step 1

Accounts can be opened in real-time during the ID Verification process. This process typically takes about 7-10 seconds and once verified you are taken to the next step.

What will I need to provide in Step 1?

A Government Issued ID. Drivers License, Passport or equivalent photo ID.

A Camera on your PC or Smart Phone to take your selfie for ID Matching. 

Step 2

After being verified our system will automatically take you to the process of filling out your registration information. *This information must match your ID.



Q: How long will the process take?  

A:  Less than a few minutes.  

Q:  Is my Credit Card required to Register?

A:  Yes, your card is required and it must match your ID used during the verification process.

Q:  When can I begin to order numbers and place calls?

A:  Once you have completed steps 1 and 2.

Q:  What if I am a Corporate employee and want to register my company, organization or other entity? 

A;   Please call our sales team at +1-919-443-1617 and select the sales option, we will request additional information during the call.

               a1. A direct email from your company email address.

               a2.  A link to your company website.

               a3.  Proof of your relationship to the company.



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