Registration Verification Process



QuestBlue is committed to delivering high-performing products and solutions to brands of all sizes & protecting your brand against identity fraud. Corporate employees and enterprise clients can follow the options in the Q&A on the right.


What is the QuestBlue Registration Process?

Getting Started

Accounts can be opened in real-time.  You will be taken to the new customer registration form where you will be provided the terms & conditions and will need to scroll down to digitally sign the agreement.  Click the Yes I agree box for Terms & Conditions and you are taken to the next step.

What will I need to provide in Step 1?

A valid credit card matching the full address where your billing statement is sent.

We will validate the credit card with a small transaction under $5.00 USD. 

Step 2

You will now be required to login to your banks credit card portal to verify the pending transaction from QuestBlue Systems.  This is any random USD value under $5.00.   If your funds are not displayed in USD please contact your financial institution for assistance or call our customer service line. 

Once you enter this amount in Step 2 verification your account will be validated for the credit card and the account will be open.  The initial amounts charged to your card will equal $50.00 USD when you combine the two transactions.

If your pending transaction was: $2.50, a second transaction will follow in the amount of $47.50.  These two transactions are not a fee, these are your funds to use in the portal as you wish for purchasing DIDs, sending and receiving telephone calls ordering PBXs, if needed.  The choice is yours. 



Q: How long will the process take?  

A:  Less than a few minutes.  

Q:  Is my Credit Card required to Register?

A:  Yes, your card is required and it must match your identity used during the verification process.  You must have at least $50 UDS in available credit to register in the automated system.

Q:  When can I begin to order numbers and place calls?

A:  Once you have completed steps 1 and 2.

Q:  What if I am a Corporate employee and want to register my company, organization or other entity? 

A;   Please call our sales team at +1-919-443-1617 and select the sales option, we will request additional information during the call.

               a1. A direct email from your company email address.

               a2.  A link to your company website.

               a3.  Proof of your relationship to the company.



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