What are the primary benefits of SIP Service

There is a multitude of benefits to SIP Service.  It is a well known way to move your on premise PBX to the cloud with a hosted solution.  Without SIP Service moving to the cloud, your office or remote workforce would not be possible without complicated infrastructure.  SIP Services makes that an easy transition and low cost way to catch up to modern telecommunications.


1.   Instant ROI

2.   Ability to have local phone numbers all over the world

3.   Scale and grow as you need

4.   Unified communications

5.   Easy to manage

6.   Reliable



#1 Instant ROI

You will receive instant return on investment with SIP Service.  Many of the features of SIP Service allow you to pick and choose which connected services you want to add.  This is different than traditional land lines.  For example, there is no need to purchase channels.  With SIP Trunks from QuestBlue you only have to pay for what you use.  No need to pay for unused channels for the ‘just in case’ scenario of needing to have more capacity.  Our SIP Trunks are flexible and you can have access to unlimited channels on an as needed basis and only pay for what you use.

#2 Ability to have local phone numbers all over the world.

As with many SIP Service providers you will notice the ability to order a local number in an area that you otherwise would not be able to.  This is helpful when you have a call center with agents all over the world and want a local presence.   In the QuestBlue user portal you have the ability to instantly order a local number in the are that you need and provision it for call routing in mere seconds.  That is a far cry from the legacy telecommunication providers.  This has helped call centers from around the world build a global network of connected users with a follow the sun model for customer service.  Contact us for additional details on a follow the sun model.

#3 Scale and grow as you need

The ability to scale your system with the click of a mouse helps keep cost down of unwanted services before you need them.  Sometimes you only need a test market or want to verify a new solution before going live making the scale as you grow a successful model.  No need to order 24, 48, 64 channels when you can simply use 1 channel at a time regardless of inbound or outbound we have you covered.  There are many SIP Service benefits that come to mind when thinking about the service however when you can grow at your pace, no other technology will compete.

#4 Unified communications

Moving to SIP Service allows you to benefit from Unified Communications.  Having all of your SIP Services in one easy to use portal allows you to manage and control costs, deployments and activate services upon request.  Making SIP Services one of the most intriguing departments on your IT Team.  With the UCaaS solutions or the on premises solution you will have the power of our portal at your fingertips.

#5 Easy to manage

If you can use Google, you can operate a fully functional SIP Service user portal in minutes.  It is simply, fast and powerful with all the telecommunications solutions in one place.  Simplify your communications needs with the click to order phone numbers, SIP Trunks, Directory Assistance, e911 and many more with ease.

#6 Reliable

Many times the question of reliability comes up with VoIP and SIP Service.  We can help navigate your goals to a reliable proven solution that Enterprise’s, Educational Institutions, and military operations have come to trust.  SIP Trunking allows for redundancy to cover power outages, Internet outages and many more acts of God.  When calls need to be rerouted it can be done from your cell phone within minutes.  Most often we at QuestBlue will have already pre-built your disaster recovery into your solution with you.  No need to log in and perform any function of rerouting calls.  It will all be taken care of on the back end of your SIP Service.


 There are so many benefits to SIP Service that you have to experience for yourself.  Anything is possible with SIP Service and it is not just voice.  Activate SMS/MMS on the fly, yes, even for land line replacement. Faxing, hosted PBX, just imagine how much you can consolidate into a SIP Service to begin taking advantage of the benefits.

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