Why are the acronyms and technical conversation in telecommunications so complicated and confusing for the customer? 

With sometimes overused acronyms in the industry it is no wonder why there is confusion.  Worse than that, many in the industry are incorrectly using them which makes it even more difficult to understand.  That being said, if your confused and you are wondering if VoIP and SIP are the same, you are not alone.  Let’s try to simplify it.

It is important to know that SIP is a protocol.  A protocol is a system of rules for messaging exchange in or between computers, phones and compatible devices.  The designers and developers of these devices have to agree on the protocol.  This maintains the capability to connect multiple devices from multiple vendors that evolve to what we know as the standards. 

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.  Any time voice communications signals are sent over the internet it will be considered VoIP.  It is a term used that will include a number of more specific protocols, SIP is one of them.  Many other terms are associated with VoIP like, IP Telephone Service, Cloud Phones, Telecommunications over IP, Broadband Voice and many more.  All are unique ways of describing VoIP.


SIP / Session Initiation Protocol is an open standards protocol used for managing multimedia for Voice and Video calls.  SIP is what makes VoIP possible.  Without SIP we do not have VoIP. 

Now that we understand the difference let’s review what is needed to make and receive telephone calls with an IP PBX.  The Who, What, When and Where, look inside the nations top customer user portal for making and receiving VoIP telephone calls in the US.  QuestBlue Accelerate was designed with you in mind.  You can be making telephone calls in minutes with a connected SIP Trunk to your PBX or our hosted cloud white label Hosted PBX Platform for resellers, enterprise and educational institutions.



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