Starting a business can be challenging when there are plenty of preparations needed to get up and running. Something a successful business always requires is a good quality phone system that is affordable, reliable, and convenient. The best part is that QuestBlue’s SIP Trunks have all of this and more! Here is everything you need to know about why SIP Trunks are a necessity to launching a business.


Lower Costs

Pricing is a huge factor when starting a small business and the extra savings can go a long way. Compared to a traditional trunk (also known as Analog), SIP Trunks can be flexible, reasonable, and well-connected.

It is always good to consider what the monthly cost will be, and how the time and money is being spent, no matter the vendor. This is especially necessary if the business is on a tight budget. Many businesses will save up to 50% on their phone bill by switching to SIP Trunks! Therefore, they refuse to go back to a regular standard phone line.


Scalable with any PBX

Connecting a SIP trunk to a PBX is quick and easy through QuestBlue, especially if a business already has their PBX set up. There are multiple digital streaming capabilities that can be easily scaled and would not require any maintenance or hardware costs. This can save a business time and money when implementing a PBX and SIP Trunks into their business model.


Hassle Free

Another advantageous thing about SIP Trunks is that businesses are in control of almost everything. They can downsize or even expand to accommodate for their needs and goals. They will be able to oversee their entire security system, keep track of their minutes, and quickly have their numbers ported over to QuestBlue.

QuestBlue gives a business access to all their SIP accounts, DID’s and the call records. Businesses love the convenience of being able to easily access everything within their portal.

SIP Trunks can be a huge help in launching a successful business,

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