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Easy step-by-step guide: connecting QuestBlue account with 3CX.

We are excited to introduce integration with 3CX platform. Now you can send SMS and MMS text messages with 3CX using our services.
This article explains the steps you will take to connect 3CX to our platform.

Login to your 3CX online account.

3CX Login

Click Admin and select voice and chat.

Click Add Trunk button.

Under the General Tab, type in Generic in the Country field and Generic SIP Trunk in the Trunk menu.

Enter the Main trunk number and Registrar / Server number and click save.

Go to SMS tab and copy the webhook URL to the clipboard.

3cx step 3

Login to your QuestBlue online account

questblue login

Click Messaging select SMS Settings. Choose DID and click edit. A new window will pop up. Select 3CX Webhook in the dropdown menu and paste your 3CX URL you copied in the previous step.

questblue step 3

Go to API Management / Manage API Access and copy 3CX API Key.

questblue copy api key

Return to your 3CX account and click Admin, click Voice & chat, and click SMS.

Enter the API key and sbc.questblue.com in the Provider URL field. Click save.

The last step: click Admin and select Users. Click Add user button. Enter your info and click save.

3cx add user last step

You are all done! To send SMS/MMS messages, go to chat, select the phone number, and start texting ♥ 

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