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QuestBlue has created a truly outstanding porting experience. Our dashboard and number porting API make porting phone numbers easier than ever. Risk-free, fast and reliable.
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The QuestBlue captivated porting experience

Number porting can be one of the most painstaking parts of managing voice and messaging services: a perfect storm of differing carrier requirements, red tape, and lack of support. That’s why we’ve combined our status as both a cutting edge CPaaS provider and carrier to reinvent how number porting works.

Port up to 20,000 numbers

from an unlimited amount of losing carriers in a single batch. No more duplicative work.

Select your port date and time

(down to the second) and apply it across your entire bank of numbers with a single click.

Drag and drop individual port orders

out of a bulk port. Different markets (or offices) with different needs are easy to manage.

Proactively select a new billing telephone number

when you need to port your main line, reducing rejection time by up to 3 days.

Why port numbers with QuestBlue

Toll free and local number porting with QuestBlue allows you to transfer telephone numbers between carriers. With QuestBlue, porting your number is incredibly fast, easy, and you maintain ownership of your telephone numbers. There are no minimum contractual agreements required, AND NO SETUP FEES! QuestBlue never charges setup fees on DID, 911, servers, or anything in our portal, ever! Port your numbers for FREE.

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