Phone Number Lookup API

With our phone number lookup API, you can quickly and easily retrieve carrier ID and wireless status information for US and Canadian phone numbers to better target how you connect and communicate with your customers.
phone number lookup

Knowledge is power

Make informed, strategic decisions about how you communicate with your customers. Ours Phone Number Lookup API returns line type, line provider, country, and more to help you connect.

More easily predict costs & deliverability

There are lots of changes happening in the messaging industry. Carrier identification allows you to know your carrier mix before you start sending text messages, helping you to more accurately predict your costs and message deliverability rates.

Send messages to numbers that can receive them

You pay for every message you send, not every one that’s received. Our Phone Number Lookup API enables you to easily sort numbers to ensure you’re only sending to mobile phones that can receive text messages.

Provide a better security experience

Using our Phone Number Lookup API enables you to target the right type of multi-factor authentication to your customers, sending voice or text message authentication based on their line type.

Don’t worry—our signature support is always included

We believe in a different approach to support: we focus on making sure our customers are successful. We do that with dedicated support that’s included, a support team made up of industry vets, and tools and processes to ensure customer success and satisfaction. You’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t have the same approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

QuestBlue Number Lookup API provides carrier identification and number data like line type and country to help you make the most out of your number database.
At this time we are only pulling from the US and Canada. If you are interested in international number lookup, please let your QuestBlue representative know.
Many number databases have no way of validating that a number is capable of receiving messages or if the number was entered correctly. Lookup helps you know ahead of sending which numbers aren’t capable of receiving SMS, allowing you to improve your deliverability rates.
Simply contact your QuestBlue representative or request to talk to an expert.
Our API lets users identify the network behind phone numbers. Carrier lookup has a variety of uses such as determining differences in throughput, types of use cases allowed, filtering rules, and better predict cost when messaging via 10DLC.

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