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QuestBlue is committed to delivering high-performing products and solutions to brands of all sizes. It doesn’t matter the size of your business, we have you covered!

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QubePBX is a feature-rich cloud phone system for businesses of all sizes. It’s simple to deploy and use on a mobile device, desktop, or desk phone. It pairs traditional PBX features with intelligent call routing, IVRs, call recording, shared lines, and more to give you a robust VoIP phone system.
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Our global network is directly connected where it matters most. Giving unmatched reliability. Bringing your customers closer. Scaling wherever your business takes you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will completely control the GUI of your PBX including but not limited to IVRs, Greetings, Call Flow, Extensions, Users, you name it!

Great question, the simple answer is no. We do not provide root access or shell access to any hosted PBX to maintain the integrity of our services in our datacenters.

No, we do not provide VPNs on vanilla installations of our Hosted PBX and it is not necessary. You will have TLS connectivity available for remote locations.
Yes, you have access to run commands via the GUI that are CLI driven. This access is not via a shell prompt. This includes Real-Time Logging of the PBX to monitor activity that would otherwise be in the command line only.
No there is no physical limit however in a virtual Hosted PBX the limits are based on overall usage. You might have 35 extensions but only use 5-10 at a time. If you used 50 extensions all day long you might consider a Physical QuBePBX hosted service which can support about 1000+ extensions based on the server configuration.
Definitely not! Many companies have a multitude of unused extensions. Kitchens, break rooms, empty offices, etc. You only pay for usage on your account, not the extension or features.
Yes, you can control the backup process and even move it to an offsite FTP Server.
No, all available features are always included in your hosted product. The only difference in prices is a virtual server versus a physical server.

Real Customers. Real Results.

“WOW! I just spent an hour with the support team as they patiently walked with me step by step to make edits to our phone system. QuestBlue is affordable and helpful – can’t recommend them enough!“
Jessie J.
“My company, Daybreak Virtual Staffing, has been with QuestBlue for about 5 years and these guys are the best! Friendly, personal support, good pricing and reliable service. They host about 200 DID numbers to enable us to answer phones for our clients, as well as for our internal use, and never hesitate to collaborate on ways to improve the service we offer to clients. We’ve tried many of the others over the years, but QuestBlue is always my fall-back!”
Jeff M.
“Incredible customer support! I found them to be amazingly knowledgeable and responsive.”
Joe K.

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