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SIP Trunking

Get quality voice at scale, backed by a global, cloud-native network offering full PSTN replacement in 30+ countries and experts in evolving regulations.


Ditch outdated, expensive phone systems and embrace scalable, feature-rich communication suitable for businesses of any size and deployable within minutes.

QB Connect

Bridge the gap between your call center software and SIP trunking for seamless communication and enhanced efficiency, with QB Connect.

Online Fax

Send and receive a fax online using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Do this from anywhere, at any time, on any device.


Providing reliable and accurate connectivity to emergency services. Get flexible APIs designed to access our own highly secured private network.

SIPBlue 2.0

SIPBlue is a communication app that helps businesses of all sizes connect and collaborate more effectively, all from one easy-to-use platform.

Tools & Wholesale Portal

Receive powerful communication tools that will help you to lower operational costs and are backed up by a team of industry-leading experts.


Steer clear of issues from becoming problems with real-time voice and messaging analytics.

partner program

Phone Number Management

Simply get and manage your numbers with our complete APIs and easy-to-use portals.

Global Enterprise Cloud

A global network that allows you to integrate SIP Trunking, fax, SMS, and emergency services. With QuestBlue you pay only for the individual services you need, for as long as you use them, and without requiring long-term contracts or complex licensing

global reach

Reliable communication worldwide

Our global network is directly connected where it matters most.
Giving unmatched reliability. Bringing your customers closer.
Scaling wherever your business takes you.

Fraud Protection

Dedicated anti-fraud team and predictive AI monitoring to catch toll fraud and number spoofing.

Call Recording

Enable automatic recording per number or connection, with configurable formats and free cloud storage.

Emergency Calling

Add an address to your account for in-plan calls to E911 numbers and automated routing to the nearest PSAP.

Alerting & Reporting

Set custom alerts for account balance, automatic top-up, call statistics, and fraudulent or suspicious activity.

Custom Routing

Choose a routing scheme per number for ultimate quality, lowest cost, or specialized traffic types.

Global Numbers

Search for numbers in 10+ international countries and 50,000+ US rate centers by prefix, location or features.

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