Healthcare Solutions

QuestBlue connects medical professionals with patients to deliver essential healthcare via voice, SMS, and chat. Our cloud-based communication solutions provides safe and efficient services you can count on.


Enhance patient engagement with healthcare APIs

We know reliable communication between healthcare provider and patient is vital. Our industry-leading HIPPA-eligible APIs enable voice, and SMS communications that easily integrate into your existing AI or RPA platform.

Appointment reminds

Let patients confirm, cancel, or reschedule via SMS, voice, portals, and triggered calls.

Provide patients an easy way to connect with health care providers with a click-to-call button integrated directly into your website or mobile app.
Virtual Care

Provide a convenient and effective way for your patients to receive medical care and advice by offering virtual care with in-app video calling.

Provide personalized, secured & modern experiences with one omnichannel platform
Ready to make a difference for your patients?

Let us help you to improve the communications with the patients that are more productive and cost-effective.

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