Messaging API

Messaging API

Send and receive text messages anywhere in the world in minutes with our easy-to-use messaging API
messaging apis

The QuestBlue Messaging API

Deliver at scale with QuestBlue proved SMS APIs


Send and receive SMS to your customers globally with QuestBlue carrier-grade platform and direct carrier connection's messaging APIs.

Toll-Free SMS

A toll-free number give your customers trust and confidence on the receiving end. Our toll-free numbers texting make it easy to engage with more customers.

Group Messaging API

Create an amazing user experiences with our group messaging API, which provides a simple and efficient way to manage group conversations.


Send images, videos, audio, emojis, and GIFS with a powerful, flexible API that provides an efficient and scalable way for you to send and receive multimedia messages.

10DLC Messaging

Build trust locally and increase engagement with 10DLC (10 Digit Long Code), which provides businesses with a more cost-effective and reliable way to send high-volume A2P messages.

Short Codes

Use QuestBlue SMS short code service to send high-volume messages directly to your customers.

Send messages they will see instantly

Reach users at scale no matter where they are in the world with triggered SMS alerts & notifications to keep them informed when it counts.

Who’s innovating with QuestBlue messaging?

Software leaders, enterprises, media outlets, marketing agencies trust QuestBlue to deliver their texts.

Media & Entertainment

Incorporate SMS, MMS, and Toll-Free SMS directly into your application or software, giving your product the power of messaging.


Empower your team and impress your customers by leveraging your toll-free business lines with our SMS API while saving time handling your contact centers.


Expand your footprint and deliver a complete SMS/MMS experience for your customers from a single innovative communications carrier.

Our SMS API Prices

Customers typically save 30% by switching to QuestBlue with automatic volume discounts.

SMS Outbound

Send SMS Messages

MMS Outbound

Send MMS Messages


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