Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Bring Your Own Carrier: Take Control of Your Communication

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bring your own carrier

What is Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)?

Think of BYOC, or Bring Your Own Carrier, as a game-changer in the world of telephony. It’s like giving enterprises the keys to unbundling PSTN connectivity from their communication platforms. With this newfound freedom, businesses get to play matchmaker and choose the carrier that suits them best. They can seamlessly integrate voice, messaging, and emergency services right into their unified communications (UC) and contact center (CC) setups.

Here’s another angle to wrap your head around BYOC. Imagine every time a business hops on board a UC or CC platform, it’s like having a backstage pass to the show. Instead of being tied down to the platform’s pre-packaged calling plans, businesses can sidestep the crowd and have a direct connection with a carrier. This means they’re in the driver’s seat, managing and billing for voice services on their own terms, no third party needed to fuel their communication engines.


Harness QuestBlue's expertise to cut your voice call costs by up to 50% and revolutionize your customer connections, all while staying on your preferred cloud platform.

Reach / Quality

Increase your reach with local and toll-free numbers to communicate with customers and colleagues around the world all on Tier 1 cloud-based network!


Selecting QuestBlue as your preferred carrier for UCaaS / CCaaS / CPaaS empowers you to regain control over your telephony and enhance call routing management.

What Are the Advantages of Bringing Your Own Carrier to UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS?

Frequently Asked Questions

Bringing Your Own Carrier (BYOC) is a telecommunications strategy where businesses use their preferred external carrier for voice or data services, rather than relying solely on the carrier provided by a cloud-based communications platform. This approach allows organizations to have more control, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in managing their communication infrastructure.

✔️Adjust capacity as required

✔️Minimizing compliance-related service disruptions

✔️Gaining command over call routing and forwarding, ensuring secure, consistent, and high-quality VoIP service

✔️Cutting communication costs with affordable SIP trunking rates

✔️Retaining current phone numbers through number porting, and expanding global coverage.


This flexibility in selecting a SIP provider or carrier ensures uninterrupted, top-notch service, preventing any mismatch with your specific needs.

Please get in touch with one our experts today and they will walk you thru the process.

BYOC (Bringing Your Own Carrier) can be seamlessly integrated with CCaaS solutions, allowing businesses to choose their preferred carrier for voice and data services while leveraging the features and scalability of the CCaaS platform. This integration offers greater flexibility, cost control, and customization options for contact center operations.

Yes, BYOC (Bringing Your Own Carrier) can be suitable for small businesses, offering cost-effective communication solutions with flexibility and scalability to meet their specific needs.

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