WebRTC Calling API


Build an Integrated Experience With WebRTC Calling

Enable in-browser voice calling with QuestBlue’s WebRTC Calling API backed by the our network.

Provide a New Way Your Customer’s Use Voice​​

Our WebRTC Calling API (Web Real-Time Communication) enables you to quickly add voice 

calling to your web-based applications without the need for any telecom infrastructure.

Seamless In-Browser Calling and PSTN Connectivity

To truly power voice calling in your web application, you need flexible SDKs that deliver SIP and PSTN connectivity. Our WebRTC Calling API allows you to integrate both, eliminating the need for complex, expensive telecom server components.

High-Quality & Cost-Effective WebRTC Calling

Access direct-to-carrier network quality to ensure the clearest conversations for your end-users. Plus, we bill in
6-second increments, allowing you to save money and scale easily by paying only for what you use.

Feature-Rich Voice Calling With Our WebRTC Calling API

Enable the in-browser calling functionality that your app needs, without the hassle of deploying expensive telecom infrastructure.

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