QB Connect

Effortlessly Move Your Favorite Call Center Platform to Cloud With QB Connect

Bridge the gap between your call center software and SIP trunking for seamless communication and enhanced efficiency.

Take the First Step Towards a Simpler Call Center Experience​

Easy Setup and Configuration

QB Connect gets your call center software and SIP trunking working together seamlessly in no time.

Flexible Number Management

Industry-leading tools let you manage, assign, and track your phone inventory with ease.

Reliable Emergency Calling

Experience the comfort of knowing your calls reach help instantly with compliant E911 routing.

What Do You Get When
You Use QB Connect With
Your Call Center Platform?

Learn How We Connect With the Industries
Top Call Center Platforms

QB Connect Makes It Easy to Migrate

Connect – Copy your enterprise contact center structure over to parallel SIP trunks
Port – Keep your existing platform while porting your numbers

Migrate – Switch your enterprise contact center to the cloud whenever you’re ready

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