Emergency Calling API

Emergency Calling API

Provide reliable and accurate connectivity to emergency services with QuestBlue. Get flexible APIs designed specifically to access our own highly reliable private network.
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Custom built API

Our innovative Emergency Calling API allows you to easily incorporate emergency services into apps, software, DIY security solutions, and more.

Eliminate expensive infrastructure

Improving user safety and expanding your business don’t have to involve a large investment of time and resources. Our Emergency Calling API enables you to provide accurate, reliable access to public safety and first responders without the need for expensive infrastructure.

Embed enhanced user safety features

Our Emergency Calling API more seamlessly connects your users to help when they need it. It can also automatically provide essential location information to the appropriate public safety agency so they can respond faster.

How it works

Just a few lines of code is all that stands between your users and public safety. Instead of maintaining expensive hardware, you can focus on doing what you do best: building applications. That means no costly upkeep—just simple, reliable access to help when your users need it.

With our Emergency Calling API, your software or application can provide more accurate location information from either a predetermined location such as a home address or current handset-based X,Y (latitude/longitude) location.

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