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Build your global VoIP system on a cloud-ready system in minutes with QuestBlue’s SIP Truking services.

SIP trunking built on 100% automated platform to align with your needs

SIP trunking allows businesses to operate a phone system over the internet instead of over physical lines and on-premise solutions. QuestBlue SIP trunking offers businesses enhanced voice quality calling. In addition, you get pay-as-go pricing – saving you from paying for minutes you don’t use.


Elastic SIP trunking features built for power users

Bring an enterprise-grade SIP trunking provider to your organization with the reliable, software-driven voice calling you need.

Activate your workforce with no-disruption number porting and provisioning

Lower your SIP costs by paying only for what you use vs a monthly seat fee

Maintain compliance with new and evolving E911 regulations

Scale up or down according to your needs with burstable functionality

Integrate our features into your code

Real-Time DID Ordering

Real-Time Telephone Number Porting

Downloadable Reporting

Consolidated communication systems

SIP trunking allows you to use the same IP-based network for various types of data transmission, like voice, messaging, video, and more. You do not need for multiple, overlapping networks (and paying for each). In addition, there is no more need to subscribe to different services for voice and data. Instead, you can build a solid infrastructure through SIP trunking.

This is versatile and cost-effective solution that delivers the benefits of VoIP while retaining your existing date infrastructure.

For instance, in case you need to support a higher number of concurrent calls, you would not need to get a new voice service solution to purchase. You already have it, and just need to increase your internet bandwidth. 


Cost savings on a recurring basis

SIP Trunking saves you money by routing calls over the internet, instead of through the phone company, reducing operating costs and cutting calling rates. Use an internet connection for the phones. Bypassing the phone company can reduce operational costs and save up 50% your on monthly phone bill.

Immediate ROI

With many technology investments, organizations may not appreciate returns on investment for years. In some cases, the tech investment is a gamble due to a lack of case studies providing ROI. Fortunately, SIP is a well-established technology with minimal upfront investment costs. Without a capital investment, organizations who switch to SIP begin appreciating cost savings from the first monthly billing statement.

Global Potential & Mobility

SIP supports your organization’s need for fast growth across multiple geographic locations. By combining your voice and data into a single network, your organization’s geographic locations and remote workers can be consolidated. The fast scalability of SIP also allows your organization to scale with extreme flexibility as you open new sites or establish full-time remote workers.

Reliable and exceptional call quality
Traditional telephony service can be disrupted due to phone failures, bad weather, or a damaged telephone pole. Luckily, SIP trunking with VoIP boasts higher reliability. This means that you can keep using your phones even in case of failures. Calls can be routed to other lines, offices, or your mobile device. No matter what happens in the background, you can keep your business going smoothly and interruption-free.
Unified communications system
Unified communications manages all of your channels into one platform. Voice, text , video conferencing, instant messaging, collaboration apps, and more. A SIP trunking provider moves all your communication channels to a data network. This facilitates a key step toward achieving unified communication as a service (UCaaS) platform. As a result, you no longer have to develop a patchwork of voice integrations. All of your real-time communication is handled from one place.

Save as you scale

how it works

Set up a portal account

Get access to global communications by signing up for QuestBlue portal account.

Purchase a number

Search for a number by area code or region in numbers section.

Set up your SIP connection

Create a new SIP connection and associate it with an outbound voice profile.


You are invited to make a call using your device of choice and start talking.

Flexible Pricing

Our customers only pay for what they use, and typically save 30% over other CPaaS providers. Lower list pricing and automatic volume discounts are built in as you scale.

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Per minute

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Frequently Asked Questions
SIP Trunking, put simply, is a means of operating phone systems over the internet, instead of using a traditional phone line. Learn more about how SIP trunking can transform your business communications on our Resource Center.
When you make the switch to SIP trunking, your phone calls follow the same path as other online media. Just like you don’t pay for each email you send to a coworker, calls between your team members are free, no matter if they work in different offices or remotely. Plus, even those long-distance / international calls become budget-friendly, as they takes a shorter route through PSTN for a short distance.
No, by default we do not have channel limits. There is however a hard limit of 9,999 active channels per trunk and that is configurable for high volume call centers.

SIP trunking is cheaper than traditional business phone systems. We offer pay-as-you-go pricing with automatic volume discounts as you scale. Find out more with an in-depth breakdown of our pricing. or talk to an expert to get a custom quote.

QuestBlue does not use a proprietary approach. Our SIP Trunking solution is 100% compatible with all SIP Compliant Devices that follow SIP Standards.
No, we do not offer a per channel SIP Trunk. All of our SIP Trunks are pay per use allowing the most flexible method of deploying SIP Trunking services with the most channel availability to keep your business moving forward.
Yes and No, sometimes these two terms are used interchangeably, they are not the same. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. SIP is simply the protocol that enables VoIP.
Yes, you can and should use your own device. We are completely compatible with all SIP Compliant Devices. We do offer a hosted product for those who would rather not maintain the infrastructure required and additional security needed for SIP Trunking.
Yes, we will pass your provided Caller ID for calls that terminate with our SIP Trunks. You must own the number being used, we do not allow fake ANI’s or invalid ANI’s (Caller ID’s).

Absolutely. We have been serving MSPs and Resellers for years. If you are interested in wholesale SIP trunks, you can get more info about our white label products and solutions by visiting managed service providers page.

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