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Online Faxing For Businesses & MSP's

Send and receive a fax online using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Do this from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Send as Many Attachments at One Time Using Your Choice of Device

Unlimited Emails

Add an unlimited amount of
authorized emails to send and
receive faxes from.

Unlimited Attachments

Send as many attachments at one time with iFax.Pro using the portal or your email platform.

Downloadable Fax History

Fax documents are kept on file for 60 days for you to access, download or review.

Email to Fax

Send and receive faxes by email when you use the email: number@ifax.pro.

Fax From Anywhere

Log in to your account from any device and send faxes while on the go.

No Page Limits

Send as many pages as you need without any limit restrictions.

The Easiest Way to Send Faxes Online

We Will Support Your Business Every Step of the Way


Securely send and receive prescriptions with our user-friendly system, ensuring patient confidentiality through encrypted TLS technology.


Effortlessly submit loan applications and stock transfers, receive timely notifications, preview and print faxes, and personalize cover sheets.


Respond swiftly to critical evidence, securely exchange faxes with encrypted TLS connection, and protect sensitive data with robust password security.

Real Estate

Streamline contract exchange, expedite deal closures without bulky hardware, and empower mobile teams to send faxes seamlessly.

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