E911 for VoIP Communications

Reliably connect 911 callers to public safety while protecting users and meeting regulatory requirements.
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911 is complicated. Let us worry about the rules and regulations and we will do the heavy lifting for you.

The communication calls to 911 are important, but as businesses continue to move their communications to the cloud, providing accurate 911 call routing and location management is becoming more complex. Our HIS E911 solution for VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) provides simplified address provisioning and highly reliable routing of emergency calls in the US and Canada. With QuestBlue, you can spend less time managing your 911, less time wondering if your users are protected, and more time doing your day-to-day work.

Radically simplified location management

The portal's easy-to-use configuration options, API, and file uploads make it easy to track end-user moves, additions, and changes. Address validation and real-time error correction features instantly confirm changes for your peace of mind. Both single and batch edits can be processed at lightning speed.

The benefits of a purpose-built 911 network

The secure, redundant and highly available 911 network is designed for performance, with redundant data centers interconnected with select US routers that route calls to Public Safety Telephones (PSAPs) in the US and Canada. Our solutions help you eliminate the costs associated with dedicated PRI and POTS circuits to support 911 seamlessly from the cloud.

Regulatory compliance now and in the future

Our solution is based on decades of industry knowledge. With emergency notification functionality and broadcast location support, we help support the complex requirements of the CARI Act and the RAY BAUM Act, as well as local regulations.

Easy Integration

Simple Integration with emergency routing service using our proprietary API

Why QuestBlue for E911?

Managing 911 can be complicated and  time-consuming but with QuestBlue will help you eliminate the known 911 pain points.
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Frequently Asked Questions

All e911 services are either configured via our 100% automated user portal or API. This is a real-time application to ensure proper provisioning.
Our validation is based on your submitted postal address along with the next step of adding a geo-code x/y coordinate for each record, providing a confirmation upon successful validation.
No, the delivery of your 911 call depends on multiple items to be in working order. Internet, electricity to power your device, major area Internet outages can also affect the delivery of your call. It is important to always have an alternate way to dial 911, perhaps from a cell phone when it is a life and death emergency situation is a good substitute and you should be prepared to provide your physical location when dialing from your cell to allow the operator to dispatch quickly when required.
QuestBlue prides itself on being a leader in NG911. Because our system is NG911 ready and consistent with NENA standards, we are able to interface with NG911 systems as they are deployed around the country.
Our validation is based on your submitted postal address along with the next step of adding a geo-code x/y coordinate for each record, providing a confirmation upon successful validation.
We notify customers of NRF alerts upon submission immediately. Next QuestBlue will work with PSAPs and Carriers connected to the service location. Carriers will have 48 hours to confirm the address or release the record back to the customer for an update. In the event that the carrier doesn’t do this, we will work on your behalf to resolve the issue.
Yes, QuestBlue offers all those services to ensure local exchange carriers meet all of the 911 requirements.
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