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Toll-Free & Long Code

Get more out of your toll-free numbers with long code so numbers identifiable at all times.

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Do more with Pictures & Video and create an engaging visual experience for your customers.

Send images, videos, audio, emojis, and GIFS with a powerful, flexible API that won’t limit your users.

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With QuestBlue MMS, you have unlimited picture messaging

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Leverage a variety of formats like JPEG, GIF, Emojis, MP3 and MP4

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Questions about our messaging?
We have the answers!

Does QuestBlue offer an unbranded messaging platform?

Yes, QuestBlue has deployed is our neutral branded platform that does not have any QuestBlue logos, images, or contact information allowing you to use this messaging platform for your end users without providing your end-users access to your vendor. 

Do you charge for the APP?

No, the app is absolutely provided at no additional cost.

Can I use the messaging for creating fake Gmail Account etc.?

No, there are guidelines in place that help prevent fraudulent activity.

Can I use my own platform with your API?

Yes, our API is 100% complete in many configurations such as PHP, CURL, C#, etc.


Will I know how many messages my end users are consuming?

Yes, we have full reporting in our customer user portal allowing you to see this data and download via a CSV file for sorting.


Do you have an APP?

Yes, we offer for iPhone and Android. It is available in each of the app stores based on device.

Can I have my own APP?

Yes, there are conditions that apply. There is a one-time cost of $2,500 per app totaling $5,000 if you want both iPhone and Android. You will be delivered a working downloadable version of the app online. The author of the app will still appear as QuestBlue in the fine print. This cannot be removed due to the restrictions placed on us by the app stores.

Does the messaging platform support MMS, Pictures?

Yes, we are fully supporting SMS/MMS messaging.

Can I Post2URL my sms and collect messages on my server?

Yes, absolutely you can Post2URL and manage the messages on your own. This is typically the way that most companies and enterprise clients prefer to manage messaging. 


10DLC SMS Registration Requirements 

Attention SMS’s users, avoid the penalties! If you’re sending messages to US customers, you must start implementing #10DLC

Learn how to quickly register with #10DLC to be in compliance and avoid future carrier fees!

10DLC (10-digit long codes) it’s changing the business messaging world as it will replace shared short codes for local SMS to send traffic to their networks as it’s the new standard for local presence campaigns.

Service Providers are now encouraged to have all outbound-SMS enabled numbers registered with The Campaign Registry or through QuestBlue Systems to remain complaint with the newest US mobile carrier 10DLC policies. Providers that do not register their traffic will be subject to reduced messaging throughput and potential mobile carrier fines.

We are sharing this update to provide more detailed information and let you know that QuestBlue’s SMS registration page is live in the customer portal.

Services -> SMS -> 10DLC Brands/Campaigns.

Frequently asked questions that we’ve been hearing from our customers

• I don’t believe my customers qualify for the registration requirements. Do I still need to follow this process?

Mobile carriers are treating all non-mobile SMS traffic as A2P, regardless of content. As such, you will need to register your numbers to avoid the penalties associated with unregistered traffic.

• Does Toll-Free SMS require registration through TCR and/or QuestBlue?

Toll-Free SMS does not require registration through TCR; however, this product does have its own approval process that will need to be completed before sending high volume outbound traffic. The TF SMS Registration page is not live in the customer portal yet, but the registration info can be requested in a support ticket under Messaging -> Campaign Registration.

• What will QuestBlue be charging to register SMS?
    • Brand (End-User) Registrations will have a $6.00 one-time fee
    • Campaign (Use Case) Registrations will vary depending on which type is selected, with the most common campaign types ranging in price from $1.25/month to $15/month
• Are there any usage restrictions relate to registering my SMS traffic through QuestBlue?

Yes, however, restrictions will vary depending on the campaign type that is selected for your brands.

• What will the surcharges be for unregistered traffic?

There will be no surcharges for unregistered traffic; however, unregistered traffic may see a decrease in deliverability.

• Is QuestBlue planning on blocking unregistered 10DLC messaging traffic?

QuestBlue was able to work with industry messaging regulators to avoid blocking unregistered SMS traffic currently. Despite this, the landscape for business to consumer messaging remains fluid and blocking unregistered traffic may eventually become a necessity. As with all major network changes, communication will be sent from QuestBlue ahead of time before any changes such as this take place.

• I’m registering my campaigns directly with The Campaign Registry, how do I provide my campaign IDs to you?

Please provide the following information (DID, Campaign ID, Brand ID, Use Case Type) in a support ticket under Messaging -> Campaign Registration

• I have DIDs activated for SMS, but they are only used to receive traffic, will I need to register them?

No, DIDs that only receive inbound SMS will not need to be registered.

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“The Longer I use QuestBlue, the more I like this company and how much they care about the customer and doing it right. I have had the opportunity to work with several of the staff & support members, and I will say they are extremely knowledgeable about what they do.”

Christopher C.

“At QuestBlue, they actually answer the phone and I have not had one issue with the process and their portal is better. Since my move, I found the QuestBlue Portal to be easier, faster and all for a lower cost.” 

Brian M.

“QuestBlue is the gold standard of VoIP services. We have NEVER been down. We build command vehicles for Emergency Responders, Police, Fire, and Military Agencies. We use QuestBlue because our communication needs are an absolute priority during natural disasters & major events.”

Director of IT Services

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