A Free Messaging App for clients who want to engage in real-time, connect from anywhere & create and manage contacts! 



Why WeText.Pro?

Consolidated Systems

Keep your system & app under one support umbrella for a consistent experience

Connect From Anywhere

You and your clients can stay connected anywhere, anytime and on any device


Custom Branding

Replace the QuestBlue Logo with your own, as well as your brand color schemes

WeText.Pro By QuestBlue

Transform Your Business

Our Engineers and Programmers specifically designed WeText.Pro with your business in mind and based on years of clients feedback. 

Additional Features 


Bi-Directional Communication

WeText.Pro seamlessly syncs information between the app & the web so you never miss anything important


Instant Activation

With WeText.Pro, you can instantly activate your end-users directly from your user portal



Receive texts directly from your business landline so you never miss an important conversation


Multi-Platform Friendly

Embrace all WeText.Pro has to offer on any platform and on any device


Built With Security In Mind

WeText.Pro was built with diligent focus and commitment to security and data protection


Battery Friendly

Enjoy all the benefits of WeText.Pro without experiencing battery drainage


Frequently Asked WeText Questions

Do you have an APP?

Yes, we offer WeText.pro for iPhone and Android. It is available in each of the app stores based on device.

Can I have my own APP?

Yes, there are conditions that apply. There is a one-time cost of $2,500 per app totaling $5,000 if you want both iPhone and Android. You will be delivered a working downloadable version of the app online. The author of the app will still appear as QuestBlue in the fine print. This cannot be removed due to the restrictions placed on us by the app stores.

Is WeText.Pro and the APP in sync?

Yes, if you logon to WeText.Pro you will see all the same messaging history that you see in your app so regardless if you are using the computer or the APP you are always in sync and never miss a message.

Do you charge for the APP?

No, the app is absolutely provided at no additional cost.

How long does it take for the messages to arrive in the APP?

The APP uses push notifications so you are always up to date on the messages.

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