VoIP Number Porting


Why QuestBlue?

When you port your numbers to QuestBlue it is Risk Free, Fast, Reliable, and FREE!

Toll free and local number porting with QuestBlue allows you to transfer telephone numbers between carriers. With QuestBlue, porting your number is incredibly fast, easy, and you maintain ownership of your telephone numbers. There are no minimum contractual agreements required, AND NO SETUP FEES! QuestBlue never charges setup fees on DID, 911, servers, or anything in our portal, ever! Port your numbers for FREE.

You can register for your account and begin the journey today! You can even be assigned a dedicated portability specialist that will be with you every step of the way. Do you have project ports? Different mix of carriers over the years? The need to pull a CSR without it feeling like an act of congress? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!


Frequently Asked Porting Questions

Do you have channel limits?

No, by default we do not have channel limits. There is however a hard limit of 9,999 active channels per trunk and that is configurable for high volume call centers.

How do I know QuestBlue is compatible with my PBX or switch before I port my numbers?

QuestBlue does not use a proprietary approach. Our SIP Trunking solution is 100% compatible with all SIP Compliant Devices that follow SIP Standards.  That being said, it is always important to test with a new DID from the portal before submitting your LNP request.  That will ensure that your newly ported number will be functional without any down time.

Do you offer a Per Channel SIP Trunk?

No, we do not offer a per channel SIP Trunk. All of our SIP Trunks are pay per use allowing the most flexible method of deploying SIP Trunking services with the most channel availability to keep your business moving forward.

Does QuestBlue support T.38 on SIP Trunks if I port a Fax number from analog to VoIP?

QuestBlue is agnostic to the CODEC you want to use. We will allow a reinvite allowing you to negotiate the protocol of choice. We will allow a protocol of choice as long as both ends of the call agree on the CODEC. *Faxing is not guaranteed regardless of QuestBlue supporting the CODEC. Many dependencies from the quality of your network, local installation issues, phone line extensions, and many other network-related issues could occur at the CPE side.

How do I know if my number is portable?

Nearly 99% of the numbers are now portable.  However, in rare situations you may have a number that falls short of being portable.  In our Customer User Portal you have a real-time lookup of your phone number and we will report back to you the results.  Before a port can be submitted we validate it before letting you move to the next step.

How long will it take to port a number?

Great question!  That depends but the majority of number ports submitted today can have a possible completion date of less than a week.  Some will qualify for same day ports, some will have a couple of days with the average landing aound a week.


What if my port is rejected?

If your port is rejected we will pull CSRs for your numbers immediately.  This will slow down your port request by one day.  Once we have the CSR we will resubmit your order with the proper information that may have been incorrect on the first request.  This will save you the frustration of a port that has issues.  We will deal with it for you and in most cases not have to come back to you with questions.

Our company needs the ability to schedule a port, is it possible with QuestBlue?

Yes, QuestBlue works with you on the timing of the port.  When you submit your port order we allow you to pick the date and time that is available based on the history of the carrier that you are porting from.

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