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Step-by-step online registration & Setup

To sign up for an account and get started using QuestBlue SIP Trunking services in Real Time, please read and complete this small simple steps:

Step 1, Please click Yes on the “agree box” of our Terms & Conditions Agreement and scroll down to digitally sign the agreement.  

Step 2, For immediate access to an account, we required to add a valid credit card. Using a Step 2  validation process the card must match the full billing adress of the card’s owner or where the bank statement is sent.

Step 3,  Proceed to login into the bank’s credit card portal to verify the pending transaction from QuestBlue Systems.  This is any random USD small transaction under $5.00 USD.  If your funds are not displayed in USD please contact your financial institution for assistance or call our customer service line.

Step 4, In order to complete the Step 2 verification you must enter the amount charged to your credit card to validate the process and open the account.

The requirements to open an account should equal $50.00 USD when you combine the two transactions. If your pending transaction was: $2.50, a second transaction will follow in the amount of $47.50.  These two transactions are not a fee, these are your funds to use in the portal as you wish for purchasing DIDs, sending and receiving telephone calls ordering PBXs, if needed.  The choice is yours. 

Q & A

Q: How long will the process take? A:  Less than a few minutes.

Q:  Is my Credit Card required to Register? A:  Yes, your card is required and it must match the verification process. You must have at least $50 UDS in available credit to register in the automated system.

Q:  When can I begin to order numbers and place calls? A:  Once you have completed all the verification steps.

Q:  What if I am a Corporate employee and want to register our organization or other entity? 

A:  Please call us at 877-686-4787 and select the sales option, we will request additional information during the call:

  • A direct email from your company email address.
  • A link to your company website.
  • Proof of your relationship to the company.

QuestBlue is committed  to deliver high-performing products and solutions to brands of all sizes & protecting your brand against identity fraud.

For Corporate & Enterprise clients that prefer to Register directly, we offer other great options when calling our Sales Team at:


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