Extensive Reporting Management

Win by shaping the customer experience with voice and message analytics and real-time fraud control alerts.

Real-time voice & messaging insights

Don’t be gut-led, be insights-driven. With our Insights, make smarter CX decisions at every step using detailed voice and messaging performance insights on the fly.

Voice Insights

Isolate and troubleshoot potential quality, capacity, and billing issues at each stage of the call journey before they arise.

Don’t give poor CX a chance

Voice Insights helps you track your calls’ performance as they traverse the network. Get alerted on call spend and volume usage. Set custom alerts with the thresholds and frequency you define. Monitor billing and call concurrency.

Make those call minutes count

Ignore blocked calls and get the most out of your channels by monitoring capacity usage. Track capacity usage and billing in real-time by region or capacity group. Reduce unnecessary expenses and facilitating the settlement of invoices.

Messaging Insights

Realize better ROI and CX with improved message delivery. Get real-time insights into deliverability issues and proactively take steps to remove barriers to messages being delivered.

Insights at your fingertips

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