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Pay As You Go

QuestBlue offers pay-as-you-go pricing, saving you from paying for minutes you don’t use. 


Scale On-Demand

As your business scales, QuestBlue is equipped to handle & support your unique needs.


Accelerated Porting

Port your numbers in less than 5 minutes with no disruption to your business.

Major Brands We Are Compatible With


Built to Align With Your Needs



Leverage WeText.Pro mobile app for real-time communications

Toll Free

Place free calls with Toll-Free numbers


Easily showcase a caller’s name on your inbound calls

Inbound Calling

Make usage-based inbound calls

Outbound Calling

Make local, long-distance & International calls at flat rate


Emergency 911

Attach e911 to any address to enable emergency services


Frequently Asked Trunking Questions

Do you have channel limits?

No, by default we do not have channel limits. There is however a hard limit of 9,999 active channels per trunk and that is configurable for high volume call centers.

How do I know QuestBlue is compatible with my PBX or switch?

QuestBlue does not use a proprietary approach. Our SIP Trunking solution is 100% compatible with all SIP Compliant Devices that follow SIP Standards.

Do you offer a Per Channel SIP Trunk?

No, we do not offer a per channel SIP Trunk. All of our SIP Trunks are pay per use allowing the most flexible method of deploying SIP Trunking services with the most channel availability to keep your business moving forward.

Does QuestBlue support T.38 on SIP Trunks?

QuestBlue is agnostic to the CODEC you want to use. We will allow a reinvite allowing you to negotiate the protocol of choice. We will allow a protocol of choice as long as both ends of the call agree on the CODEC. *Faxing is not guaranteed regardless of QuestBlue supporting the CODEC. Many dependencies from the quality of your network, local installation issues, phone line extensions, and many other network-related issues could occur at the CPE side.

Is SIP Trunking the same thing as VoIP?

Yes and No, sometimes these two terms are used interchangeably, they are not the same. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. SIP is simply the protocol that enables VoIP. 

Can I use my own device or PBX?

Yes, you can and should use your own device. We are completely compatible with all SIP Compliant Devices. We do offer a hosted product for those who would rather not maintain the infrastructure required and additional security needed for SIP Trunking.


Can I alter my Caller ID?

Yes, we will pass your provided Caller ID for calls that terminate with our SIP Trunks. You must own the number being used, we do not allow fake ANI’s or invalid ANI’s (Caller ID’s).

Are enterprise size installations supported on QuestBlue?

Yes, QuestBlue works with NGO’s, major universities, government installations, and fortune 50 companies. Enterprise installations are available on every SIP Trunk. Custom enterprise configurations are available but not necessary as all our SIP Trunks from a single phone call up to tens of thousands of simultaneous calls are supported on every SIP Trunk created.

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“The Longer I use QuestBlue, the more I like this company and how much they care about the customer and doing it right. I have had the opportunity to work with several of the staff & support members, and I will say they are extremely knowledgeable about what they do.”

Christopher Cutshaw

“QuestBlue is the gold standard of VoIP services. We have NEVER been down. We build command vehicles for Emergency Responders, Police, Fire, and Military Agencies. We use QuestBlue because our communication needs are an absolute priority during natural disasters & major events.”

Director of IT Services

“At QuestBlue, they actually answer the phone and I have not had one issue with the process and their portal is better. Since my move, I found the QuestBlue Portal to be easier, faster and all for a lower cost.” 

Darlene C.

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