Stability in pricing, quality and flexibility

Wholesale VoIP Termination at it’s core, and we removed the red-line conversations of long term commitments, scheduled ramp up times, and up front spend.  Your business requires the highest quality of voice services and the low cost of wholesale all in one single sign-on wholesale portal.  

With our simple to use QuestBlue Accelerate user portal you can customize your solution over multiple SIP Trunks to your end users, add on Hosted PBX to fill in the gaps where needed, maximize the competitive options for your local, long distance and international calling.  Add in the 100% RESTful API and you are on your way to having access to duplicate our entire platform with our powerful API. Finding a single sign-on solution that really fits can be a daunting task.  For this reason alone we have decided to build out the platform that exists today.  


Support & professional guidance

You should not have to pay for support!  If your currently working with a provider that is offering support packages in block time, pay per issue, or any other type of support for Wholesale VoIP Termination you should reconsider your options.  QuestBlue does not charge for support to interop with our wholesale platform.  We are compatible with all IP Ready PBXs and switches.  Regardless of the platform you are powering, we are here for you.  Top support specialist in the industry, SMS / MMS texting solutions on our private label WeText.Pro App and user portal along with industry leading Internet Faxing with iFax.Pro.  All the wholesale services at your fingertips along with the support required to assist you in your deployment.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the most robust solution available today.  This includes but not limited to Voice, Messaging, Faxing, Hosted PBX, STIR/SHAKEN, Wholesale VoIP Termination and Origination with unmatched customer satisfaction.

How are customers are using QuestBlue’s VoIP Termination?

Reselling as an additional service.  SaaS model.  Adding QuestBlue wholesale VoIP termination to your service offerings allow you to spend more time on service and support for your customer.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Powering their UC Platform.  QuestBlue’s suite of VoIP termination services will provide your UC platform with carrier-grade VoIP calling with a global reach in a click of a button.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).  Easily add 2FA to any product or service you are offering.  With our robust messaging platform you can offer 2FA by integrating it to your existing authentication process.

Hosted PBX – Cloud PBX is a major way that companies are using the QuestBlue wholesale VoIP platform.  With a powerful hosted PBX, and a GUI that anyone can use, it’s no wonder that the QuestBlue QuBePBX hosted white label solution is the top choice for resellers.  Hosted PBX solutions start at $24.95/month and $139.00/month for dedicated servers with no per seat pricing, a simple pay as you go program on the usage of the system.

Benefits of QuestBlue’s VoIP Termination

UCaaS, & CPaaS Providers – Software companies rely on QuestBlue to provide the highest quality voice termination available.  This is done with Tier1 interconnects and never least cost routing.  At QuestBlue we believe in directly routing your call whenever possible to maintain the highest level of quality and assurance of call delivery.

Looking to interop with a better termination provider? 

Look no further, if you’re looking to migrate and consolidate over to a single VoIP termination platform or if you simply need to add another provider to your routes.  QuestBlue’s outbound voice solutions give you the quality and the cost that others cannot match.  See the advantages of working with the source. 

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