Let’s look at the most common benefits of SIP Trunk Service Providers


SIP Trunking Service Providers allows each employee to have their own SIP Line ( DID ) and will represent the primary phone number of your company. A Direct Inward Dial phone number that rings directly to the employee is a time saver for sales agents that want fast inbound access to their clients.  Many marketing companies will use DIDs to represent a local presence in areas that they would otherwise be unable to serve without a Toll Free number or high cost remote call forwarding (RCF).  DIDs are low cost and are fast and easy to scale.

Local and Toll Free

With a SIP Trunk Service Provider you can manage your telephone number inventory easily.  This also includes the use of Toll Free telephone numbers.  Easily configure a Toll Free VoIP DID in seconds.  No need to forward Toll Free calls to another local number.  Easily route inbound Toll Free Traffic in your user portal DID Dashboard directly to the trunk or call center without expensive forwarding.  Let the Trunk do the work, not a forward.


With SIP Trunks redundancy is easy.  You can have multiple ISPs providing your business location with Internet and your telephones will remain online for the duration.  At QuestBlue we can help you design a high availability solution to keep your operation running.  If you utilize the Hosted PBX with QuestBlue it is built in automatically.  If you use premise based we can configure a DNSSRV solution to meet your needs.


Nothing says more about scale than a SIP Trunk Service Provider.  Being able to scale and control the costs along the way is priceless.  QuestBlue Accelerate is a proven way with a track record of providing outstanding scale and reliability with a single sign on user portal.  Where in the past you waited on traditional telephone companies install PSTN lines, now you can order and provision in seconds.  

Consolidated Telecommunications Management

With the SIP Trunk Service Provider model in full effect and utilizing the QuestBlue user portal you can easily maintain and operate all of your services with the click of a mouse.  No more shopping around for different providers for SMS / MMS texting, faxing and other related telecom requirements.  Have it all in one consolidated easy to use portal.  Most importantly, without a contract.  Avoid costly mistakes of signing contracts with VoIP SIP Trunk Service Providers.  There is never a need to engage in this model.


With a lower overall investment up front you will quickly see the cost savings.  Imagine being able to order and configure telephone services instantly and without a commitment.  The wholesale advantages of utilizing a SIP Trunk Service Provider is endless and has never been easier.  Since 2007 QuestBlue has been providing, improving, and inventing new ways to make your job easier.  Join us today for a fast paced easy to use technology and start saving.



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