Why should I consider Hosted Voice?


A no-jitter study in 2018 stated that SIP Trunking will become a $22 Billion Market Worldwide by 2024.  However, in September 2020 Data Bridge is now estimating that this will exceed the original estimates and will grow at a CAGR 0f 10.7% by 2027.

What does this mean for Hosted Voice? It means if you have not already established your hosted voice solution you should seriously be considering it now.  No longer is it the wild west of communications. It has become mainstream in everyday communications.  Moving to hosted voice is not only easy to do, it also comes with many more options than you may be receiving now in your legacy phone equipment.

You will have reduced TCO because there is no PBX to purchase.  Simply upgrade your desk sets or experiment with the use of soft phones for the PC in your call center.  All are compatible with hosted voice.

Are you already a hosted voice user because you migrated to your own custom solution?  Great, you are off to a good start.  Now you can power that network of hosted PBX’s with the QuestBlue SIP Trunking services.

Do you need to establish a relationship with a wholesale provider that can help you white label your solution for hosted voice, messaging and fax?  Register now and open your account so you can be operating in minutes.

In addition to the QuestBlue SIP Trunking platform you and include services like messaging on your phone numbers which was once thought of as not being possible. With the QuestBlue messaging platform you can instantly begin sending and receiving messages in along with your hosted voice solution. 

Many of services that are typically required of a hosted voice solution are on a 1 to 1 replacement.  There are many additional features you will receive but what about the legacy fax?  Yes, the legacy fax machine is either talked about right up front or discovered later after implementing has already started.  No better time than now to migrate to a virtual faxing solution like iFax.pro and have the ability to email to fax, fax to email and of course the fax user portal.  Simple to use, effective, and reliable.  No need for legacy fax machines in today’s modern office.  If you still require the additional fax integration then we can help.  Contact QuestBlue today for a complete review of your move to hosted voice.