SIP, short for Session Initiation Protocol, is a signaling protocol that allows end-to-end communication through voice, video, and messaging. SIP lets you operate your company’s phone service through an internet connection.

It’s mostly familiar as a way to move your on-site PBX to the cloud, but there are so many more advantages of SIP trunking. Let’s dive right in:


1. Scalability

Growing in your area or expanding to new ones can be a critical turning point for your company’s success. Traditional phone service limits your growth.

SIP depends on your internet connection, your capacity to expand has no limits. SIP secures your service and data into one network, that way everything is integrated. As your needs adapt, you can seamlessly add and modify your users and bandwidth. No risk and no surprise costs. QuestBlue gives you your cost up front and you are not tied down.


2. Reliability

QuestBlue will reroute your calls to employees’ mobile devices or other offices in the case that your internet goes down. This way your customers can rely on you, while you depend on us to ensure business continuity. SIP trunk capabilities allow security and dependability that no traditional phone system can beat.


3. Consistently saving money

Because QuestBlue SIP trunks bundle everything into one communications system and portal, you never have to guess how much you’re spending on service.

This is possible because SIP calls use the internet or the third party’s IP network instead of expensive physical phone lines. Long-distance and international calls become local calls through SIP trunks, which in turn saves you money.


4. Easy to manage

When you partner with QuestBlue, your VoIP phones and SIP trunks are easy to manage. With a seamless portal and a tech support team that has your back, you can make changes in minutes and get back to work.


5. Security

QuestBlue can offer superior security for all your communications.

SIP trunks are protected by a secure firewall, monitored for unusual call activity and run a dedicated connection to you.


6. Quality and overall customer support experience.

Calls with poor audio quality leave a bad impression on customers.

QuestBlue SIP trunks make sure that there is enough bandwidth for all your coinciding calls without audio issues. This is the case even during your busiest hours, and any time you have an unexpected increase in call volume.


If your calls have echoes, drop frequently, or are generally poor quality, switch to QuestBlue to enjoy smooth calls and an overall better customer support experience.


Contact us today to get a better idea of what QuestBlue can do for you!

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