10DLC brand and campaign tips and requirements


– Every company needs to have their own Brand.

  • This means they will need to provide their EIN and company website for verification. (Social Media Presents are acceptable)
  • Their EIN must be their Federal Tax ID. We do not accept Business IDs or State Tax IDs.
  • All Information needs to match the information submitted to the IRS. (Punctuation is checked)

-The company that is sending the messages needs to be the company that is registering with the Brand. (Even if they are using a company that is sending their messages for them, their informationis required)

-Brands are usually approved on same-day submission.


-Every Brand can have multiple campaigns. (Each 10DLC campaign allows to register 49 TNs)

-Campaig Description:

  • The campaign description should thoroughly state the messaging use case for the campaign.Vague campaign descriptions are one of the top reasons 10DLC campaigns are rejected by mobile providers.
  • The description should include the messaging use case. And should be no shorter than 50 characters.
  • Examples:
  • This campaign will be used to request feedback via SMS messaging for experience with the delivery process.
  • Customer support and answering consumer concerns about products and services.
  • Sending out appointment reminders and updates regarding hours and availability.

-Sample Message:

  • This should be a sample of a message that will be sent out. ALL sample messages should contain Opt-out and HELP language and the brand name.
  • A subscriber must be able to opt out by replying with a keyword (stop, end, etc.)
  • A subscriber must be able to receive additional help by replying with HELP.
  • Links included in messages: If a website link is desired to use in the message, It will need to be to the company website, and a proof of address should be somewhere on the webbrowser.
  • Embedded phone numbers: Messages should not contain phone numbers that are assigned to or forwarded to unpublished phone numbers.
  • Examples:
  • Your [Brand Name] minimum payment is due in 5 days. Reply STOP to end.
  • This is [Brand Name]. Your order number ABC12345 will ship tomorrow via FedEx. Your tracking number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Reply STOP to opt-out of notifications.
  • This is [Brand Name]. We would like to let you know that your appointment for MM/YY/ZZZZ at HH:MM is confirmed. Reply STOP to opt-out.

-Call-To-Action/opt-in are REQUIRED

Messages should never be sent to anyone who has not opted-in to receive messages.(This is against MNO policy and may result in full termination of Messaging)

the acceptable types of Opt-ins:

  • Depending upon the circumstances, a consumer might demonstrate opt-inconsent to receive messaging traffic through several mechanisms, including but not limited to:
  • Entering a phone number through a website;
  • Initiating the text message exchange in which the message sender replies tothe consumer only with responsive information;
  • Signing up at a point-of-sale (POS) or other message senders on-site location; or
  • Opting in over the phone using interactive voice response (IVR) technology.

If a consumer’s phone number collection is a required field on Website forms (contact us, get a quote, etc.) it is REQUIRED to have Opt-in verbiage. (Campaigns will be rejected due tothe collection of phone numbers on websites without the proper opt-in verbiage visible)

  • Example: By checking this box, I consent to receive SMS messages. I understand that Message and data rates may apply and that I may reply STOP to opt-out of future messaging; reply HELP for additional messaging help. Message frequency may vary depending on interaction between you and our agents.
  • Example: Disclaimer: By providing my contact information to [YOUR BRAND NAME], I acknowledge and give my explicit consent to be contacted via SMS and receive emails for various purposes, which may include marketing and promotional content. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency may vary. Reply STOP to opt-out. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: If your Call-to-Action is Verbal, then anytime you procure or ask for a phone number on your website (via a form like is often used for Contact Us, Connect, Contact, etc.) AND you make that phone number mandatory, then you MUST provide:

– An SMS Disclosure/Disclaimer (See the section in this document: SMS Disclosures),

– OR a checkbox enabling the user to explicitly opt-in to receive text messages,

– OR, Ideally BOTH

An opt-in message to Subscribers should be sent to confirm that a consumer has opted-in.The message should include the following:

  • The name of the company, contact information, Opt-out verbiage, and disclosure if the messages are reoccurring, and about any associated fees or charges and how those charges will be billed.
  • Example opt-in messages:
  • [Brand Name] Thank you for opting in for our texting notifications. Messagefrequency may vary. Message and Data Rates may apply. To end messaging from us, you may always Reply with STOP or HELP for more information
  • [Brand Name] Thank you for subscribing to receive text messages from[Brand Name]. We will send no more than 6 messages per month. Messageand Data Rates may Apply. Reply STOP to opt out, and HELP for additional info.

Message senders are responsible for collecting and storing all Opt-in consent.

-Opt-out keywords are required

Message senders are Responsible for Documenting and storing all Opt-out.

Sending messages to a phone number that has Opted-out will be considered a violationand will be flagged by the mobile carriers which may result in the shutdown of your entire campaign.

The following are examples of correct Verbiage:

  • STOP including variations such as Stop or Stop
  • Quit
  • Cancel
  • Unsubscribe
  • Opt-out example messages:
  • Thank you! [Brand Name] will no longer send you notifications.
  • You are unsubscribed to texts from [Brand Neme]. No more messages will besent.
  • You have been successfully unsubscribed from [Brand Name]. No moremessages will be sent. If you accidentally unsubscribed,
  • Reply START to opt-into messaging

-“HELP”-keywords are REQUIRED

Message senders must implement a process so that when a subscriber responds“Help”, they receive a response with information on how to contact the message sender.This is a required field; any campaigns that are submitted with “No” answered willautomatically be rejected.

  • In your message to your Subscriber a phone number to contact can be used as aform of Help.

HELP keyword examples:

  • This SMS texting system is for the employees of [BRAND Name]. Text START to join, STOP to leave. You may also contact us at XXX.YYY.ZZZZ for additional assistance.
  • [BRAND Name] You can get more assistance from our website at: https://brandname.com or XXXZZZ-YYYY. Text STOP to stop receiving messages from us. You can also text START to restart getting messages from us again.

-Privacy Policy are REQUIRED

Privacy Policies are now required for all 10DLC messaging campaign.

The Privacy Policy must be clear that the end user’s personal info will not be shared or sold to third parties for the purpose of marketing. Example statement (or SMS carve out in a Privacy Policy):

  • No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates formarketing/promotional purposes. All the above categories exclude text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; this information will not be shared with any third parties.

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