Benefits of international phone numbers for your business

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Growing your business outside your home country used to be something only larger enterprises could achieve. The funds needed to set up international offices made it practically impossible for small and medium-sized companies to scale worldwide.

However, with the improvements in digital technology and logistics, any size company can operate worldwide without an actual physical presence.

You can easily expand your business beyond your home country by getting global or international phone numbers. You will stay closely connected to your clients and customers no matter where you are in the world.

In this article we will look at what you need to know about international and global numbers. Discover how they work and why they’re essential for growing your business.

What is an international phone number?

Different countries have different phone number formats and dialing procedures. In general, international phone numbers are composed of a country code, an area code (or city code), and a local subscriber number.


Here are some examples:


  • United States: +1 (country code) 212 (area code) 555-1234 (local subscriber number)
  • United Kingdom: +44 (country code) 20 (area code) 1234 5678 (local subscriber number)
  • Australia: +61 (country code) 2 (area code) 1234 5678 (local subscriber number)
  • Japan: +81 (country code) 3 (city code) 1234 5678 (local subscriber number)
  • Canada: +1 (country code) 416 (area code) 555-1234 (local subscriber number)
  • Germany: +49 (country code) 30 (area code) 1234567 (local subscriber number)


International toll-free number is the international counterpart of toll-free numbers in the United States. ITFNs use an international toll-free service to enable global call forwarding, so businesses can be located anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for toll-free access in just a few countries, ITFS could be a good choice.


Universal international freephone numbers assign businesses one number that works across multiple countries. If you prefer to use one number to operate in numerous countries, UIFN may be a good option for you.

Here is an example of UIFN number:


00800 12345678


The number begins with the prefix “00800”, followed by a national or regional code, and a local subscriber number. The national or regional code is specific to the country or region where the number is being used and allows callers to identify the language and location of the business or organization that owns the UIFN.

Benefits of international phone numbers:

Better accessibility
With an international phone number, businesses can be more accessible to customers and clients in other countries. This can help to expand a business’s reach and increase its customer base.
Enhanced customer service
International phone numbers can allow businesses to provide better customer service to customers in different countries. Plus, you will provide a local point of contact and make it easier for customers to reach the business.
Cost savings
International phone numbers can help businesses save money on international calling costs. As well as reducing the cost of setting up and maintaining multiple phone lines for different countries.
Improved professionalism
International phone numbers can make a business appear more professional and established. They provide a local point of contact and can make it easier for customers to trust and engage with the business.
Increased credibility

International phone numbers can increase a business’s credibility in other countries. As they demonstrate a commitment to providing quality service and support to customers outside of the business’s home country.

It’s never been easier to expand your business internationally. Get ahead of your competitors and start growing an international presence in any market today.


Whether you’re expanding your current operations or need new numbers, QuestBlue international phone numbers, voice, and messaging options make global scaling a walk in a park.


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