QBConnect with Genesys Cloud CX

Your BYOC solution

QBConnect is your one-stop-shop BYOC answer for Genesys that brings you universal connections, easy migrations, and trouble-free integrations.

Keep your agents and customers focused on what matters – the customer’s experience – while you get more return on investment. QBConnect with Genesys can assist you in creating these simple experiences for customers and employees alike, no matter where you are in your journey to the cloud.

Why choose QBConnect with Genesys?

1. You want to migrate your enterprise contact center from on-premises to the Cloud

2. You want to combine with the same carrier that others use to power Genesys

3. You want to save money, gain flexibility, and receive support to BYOC into other popular platforms by centralizing your SIP services

Interested in learning more? Let us show you how QBConnect can assist you with taking control of contact center telecom!

What do you get when you use QBConnect with Genesys?

Expertise – Get parallel SIP trunks to link your current on-premises equipment. Migrate with a qualified partner who can help set the proper tone, use software tools to port on your schedule, and make the switch to Genesys Cloud CX whenever you’re ready.
RESPORG Certified QUB01 Toll-Free Solution – Our RESPORG QUB01 toll-free solution, which utilizes only Tier – 1 networks in addition to our own network for supreme stability, will give you peace of mind.

Local Enterprise Contact Center Connection – Connect your enterprise contact center locally in any country by utilizing our global network and unite your PSTN access with a single worldwide supplier.

Cost Savings – Go straight to the source with direct-to-carrier savings. Get clear billing information and only pay for what you use.

Enterprise Support – Have the best enterprise support teams in the business at your fingertips, all based within the US.

QBConnect makes it easy to migrate
Connect – Copy your enterprise contact center structure over to parallel SIP trunks
Port – Keep your existing platform while porting your numbers
Migrate – Switch your enterprise contact center to Genesys Cloud CX whenever you’re ready

Gain the most versatility, durability, and assistance for your enterprise contact center with QBConnect with Genesys.

How does it work? 

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Contact QuestBlue

Your current infrastructure and the Genesys Cloud CX platform are connected via our cloud-native international carrier network

Connect with Genesys

Organize your enterprise contact center placement by connecting with Genesys Cloud CX and utilizing their all-in-one cloud communication solutions


With the simplicity of software-powered porting, you can easily orchestrate your migration based on your company’s needs


Utilize the platform and software to integrate essential CPaaS features at the carrier level


Ensure a smooth and effective transition to the cloud via migration by keeping your porting process separate

QBConnect with Genesys offers you the best support in the business every step of the way
QBConnect with Genesys provides the highest return on investment for your company cloud contact center by integrating your Genesys platform with our direct-to-carrier worldwide networks. It provides you with the cost-saving opportunities, flexible integration options, and migration tools you require to fully concentrate on enhancing CX for your enterprise clients

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