SIP Trunk Providers and what to get right

One very important factor in picking a SIP Trunk Provider is to be sure it is a good fit.  It is not always going to be the price that determines the fit but as you read on you can have both.  Although price is important, more importantly is the customer service and support.  Many times our support staff has completely configured, setup and delivered a working solution while helping a client before they have even consumed a single minute of usage, why? The answer is simple.  Our clients will never care how much we know, until the know how much we care.  At QuestBlue we care tremendously about your success in SIP Trunking and as a provider of SIP Trunking services for every IP enabled IP PBX or switch on the market, we always bring our A Game!

This is why QuestBlue stands out from the rest.  Customer first is our model.  Unlike other providers we have a fast, easy to use, instant provisioning of SIP Trunks along with world class customer support.  When you have questions, please call in and talk to support.  Our team is dedicated to providing you the world class experience that others have already taken advantage of. 

SIP Trunk Provider – Pricing

When it comes to pricing we have a robust model that will work with easy to understand pricing to make this an easy transition.

With DIDs (Direct Inward Dial) Telephone numbers starting at $0.50 and lower with volume it is easy to calculate estimates of usage and long term savings. 

Savings on channels.  Many providers truly want your channels.  They benefit from you purchasing SIP Trunk Channels as you always end up paying for unused minutes that they calculated their rates at.  Some competitors offering channels starting at $24.95/month.  Based on this scenario lets cover the real costs on an installation with 10 channels with average monthly usage on 10 channels and an average 1000 minutes a day with $1 DIDs and a $10 port fee per number.


10 Channels – $249.50

10 DIDs –         $ 10.00

Port Fee —       $100.00

The first monthly charges are estimated to reach $359.50 and after porting $259.50 monthly ongoing for the length of the contract on the channels agreed to.


Unlimited Channels —                           $000.00

Estimated Usage @30000 minutes     $150.00

10 DIDs —                                                 $5.00

Port Fee —                                                $0.00

Imagine the difference of just the first month.  The estimated QuestBlue first month is: $155.00 and each month after that with the same averages it would be the same $155.00, allowing you to save over $1300 the first year alone by picking the correct SIP Trunking Provider and the correct SIP Trunk Program. 

How does it all work?

The best part of SIP Trunking with QuestBlue is the customer UCaaS experience in the portal.  All services are handled right from your customer portal and if you need any support we are available to navigate the waters.  Contact us today with any questions, or register for service instantly with our user verified registration process.


QuestBlue at a Glance

Phone Support – No Charge

Prioritized Response – No Charge

Account Management – Available when you need it.  We will not call you attempting to increase your spend.  We value your time tremendously.

Volume-Based Pricing – Yes, we will work on lowering your rates even before you ask.

Remote Support – No charge, we will help you every step of the way, even with Remote Sessions to help with your request.

Provisioning Assistance – 100% live call tracing, troubleshooting when onboarding to be sure you are off to the right start. 

State of the art — With our state of the art user portal you will be in full control.


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