To make the process of choosing a SIP trunk provider easier for your business, consider these following factors:

  1. Voice Quality
    Without facilitating high-quality communications, the other benefits of SIP Trunking don’t meet. SIP trunk providers need to ensure that users can make and receive clear phone calls efficiently.
  2. Coverage 
    The provider should facilitate outbound calls globally while providing local numbers across countries to facilitate inbound calls — for example, a SIP trunk provider that offers a US organization a local number for customers in the UK to call so they don’t have to call long distance. Some SIP trunk providers offer local, national, toll-free, and mobile numbers, thereby facilitating client convenience while allowing organizations to choose their preferred inbound areas codes.
  3. Reliability
    If calls don’t consistently go through, SIP Trunking loses value. Providers should offer redundant infrastructure and multiple carrier connections across geographies to ensure reliability.
  4. Cost Savings
    One of the main benefits of SIP Trunking is cost savings. Long distance calling, including international calling, tends to be cheaper over SIP trunks. Plus, pay-as-you-go pricing models give you the flexibility to pay for only what you need versus paying upfront for channels or bundles of service you may not need. In addition, when it comes to scaling, you can move to SIP Trunking and easily add capacity to your existing VoIP system without investing in additional infrastructure.
  5. Interoperability
    If your business has already invested in a phone network, you want a provider that offers interoperability with your existing infrastructure. A good SIP trunk provider should provide interoperability with standard softswitches and IP PBXs.
  6. Security
    Security it is always a concern for businesses, and that should extend to communications networks as well. Consider how different SIP trunk providers protect your network so that calls don’t get intercepted.
  7. Scalability
    SIP Trunking is easy to scale up or down as business needs change. However, SIP trunk providers differ in terms of how they scale alongside your business. Look for one that can meet your needs and fit your budget when you’re adding connections in different offices around the world.
  8. Flexibility
    Similar to scalability, SIP trunk providers offer different levels of flexibility that can help your business. For example, some providers offer flexible contracts, allowing you to adjust services as needed rather than being locked into undesirable terms. SIP trunk providers can also offer flexibility in areas such as the ability to change phone numbers, adjust services, add IP access control lists, and configure softphone compatibility.
  9. Expertise
    Explore the depth of their knowledge of the technology and complex ecosystem behind SIP Trunking, as those factors can impact your success during complex installations, troubleshooting, and scaling. Think about it in terms of whether you’d want to see a doctor who can recognize symptoms and prescribe a medication versus a doctor who understands the causes of the symptoms and how the medication addresses the underlying issues. The latter’s expertise can make a difference, particularly when a situation takes an unexpected turn.
  10. Simplicity
    Using SIP Trunking should simplify your communications and IT landscape rather than adding complexity. Look for a SIP trunk provider that makes installation, administration, and maintenance easy.

    How can we help your business:

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