Platform ownership matters

QuestBlue is more than a SIP provider, we built a 100% custom solution with open standards in mind when it comes to our user portal.  It was important to be able to scale, manage, and operate our infrastructure with our team and data center professionals. The QuestBlue Accelerate User Portal operates out of our full managed data center with multi homed, high availability configurations in place.  Some of the benefits of a high quality platform include –


Unbeatable Quality

In order to delivery the highest quality possible, it all starts  at the data center.  Our carrier built network is built to deliver crystal-clear calls at the highest quality.

Complete control of your services

Utilizing the QuestBlue Accelerate User Portal (CPaaS) you will have access to build, optimize, create and produce some of the fastest deployment of telecommunication services available today.  There is no match to our robust API, white label hosted voice solution with QuBePBX and easy to use customer user portal.  Our team will help you innovate, reduce costs, expand into new markets and most important, navigate the sometimes difficult areas of the industry. QuestBlue puts the communication back in telecommunications.


#1 rated customer support in the industry

There is no doubt that you have come across many vendors offer SIP Trunking, Hosted Voice and the full package of telecommunications.  At QuestBlue we know that without our customers there is no way to sustain a successful communications company.  That is why we pride ourselves as being rated number 1 in customer satisfaction in quality and customer support.  At QuestBlue we will assist you with factual answers, no fluff, and direct responses to the most complicated questions in the industry.  By doing so, we quickly resolve any reported issue to the support team by working as a team with our customers.  Is your current VoIP company asking you to sign a contract?  Use extreme caution, work with a qualified vendor that will deliver and be your partner to a successful deployment of VoIP services without a commitment or contractual agreement with a term.  The QuestBlue team works every day to earn your business because if we don’t take care of you, someone else will.  We strongly believe in this and that is why it is important to work with a partner that cares about the customer.


Ready to accelerate your telecommunications solution?  Register now, no contractual requirement, no up-front traffic commitment, scalable, and most important, you can be up and running in under 5 minutes.  Switching to QuestBlue has never been easier.



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